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Traduções principais
entrar v int (penetrar, passar para dentro)enter vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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Traduções principais
make an entrance v expr (into room)entrar vt
 Charles made an entrance into the study.
hop in vi informal (get inside a vehicle) (informal: num veículo)entrar, pular v int
 We're going to the beach. If you want to come, just hop in.
walk in [sth],
walk into [sth]
vi + prep
(enter on foot) (entrar a pé)entrar vt
  adentrar vt
 Whenever someone walks in the store, a bell sounds.
climb into [sth] vi + prep (enter: vehicle, etc.)subir vt
  entrar vt
go in vi phrasal (go indoors)entrar v int
 It's hot out. Would you like to go in?
climb in vi phrasal informal (enter a vehicle) (num veículo)subir v int
  entrar v int
enter [sth] vtr (go inside)entrar vt
 He entered the house.
 Ele entrou na casa.
hop into vtr informal (enter casually or spontaneously)entrar vt
go into [sth] vtr phrasal insep figurative, informal (discuss, explain [sth])entrar vt
 It's a long story; let's not go into it right now.
 É uma história longa, não vamos entrar nisso agora.
walk into vtr phrasal insep (enter: on foot) (entrar: a pé)entrar vt
  adentrar vt
 I walked right into his trap.
come into [sth] vtr phrasal insep (enter)entrar v int
step into [sth] vtr phrasal insep (enter)entrar vt
 Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.
make an entrance v expr (onstage) (teatro, palco)fazer entrada expres
  entrar vt
 When she says "Ah, Romeo, Romeo!" it's time to make your entrance.
penetrate [sth]
(get in, gain entrance)entrar v int
 The explorers penetrated into the interior of the jungle.
walk in vi + adv (enter without invitation) (entrar sem ser convidado)entrar vt
  meter-se vp
 It is better to knock first than simply walk in.
jump into [sth] vi + prep figurative (become involved) (se envolver)entrar, intervir vt
 She jumped into the conversation when she realized that they were talking about Cancun.
get in vi phrasal (enter a vehicle) (veículo)entrar v int
 I opened the door and got in.
go in vi phrasal (join: army, company)entrar v int
 He's retiring from the army next year; he was only eighteen when he went in.
 Ele vai se aposentar do exército no próximo ano; ele só tinha dezoito anos quando entrou.
penetrate [sth]
(get into, gain entrance to)entrar vt
 The soldiers penetrated the government building and took control.
jump in [sth] vi + prep figurative, informal (become involved) (figurado, informal: se envolver)entrar vt
  (formal: se envolver)se juntar a vt
 Feel free to jump in the discussion if you have something to say.
enter [sth] vtr (begin membership, participation)ingressar, entrar vt
 He entered the medical profession after years of schooling.
enter [sth] vtr (contest: participate) (inscrever-se)entrar vt
 He decided to enter the contest to see if he could win.
enter vi (go in)entrar v int
 You may enter, but please knock first to announce your presence.
enter vi (walk on stage) (entrar em cena)entrar v int
 The actress enters stage right at the start of the second act.
Traduções complementares
step vi (enter situation) (numa situação)entrar vt
 He stepped into the argument to help her out.
make vtr (earn acceptance into) (ser aceito)entrar vt
 Only half of people at tryouts made the team.
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Formas compostas:
be in touch v expr informal (make contact)entrar em contato expres
 We'll be in touch soon.
become fashionable v (grow popular)entrar na moda loc vt
 After the queen wore a mauve-colored dress, the new color became fashionable throughout the country.
clash with [sb/sth] vi + prep (fight)entrar em conflito com expres v
 Three soldiers were killed on Tuesday when security forces clashed with separatists.
 Três soldados foram mortos na terça-feira quando forças de segurança entraram em conflito com os separatistas.
come into focus v expr (image, view: be sharper)entrar em foco loc v int
come into focus v expr figurative (become clear)entrar em foco loc v int
 When he started asking me for money, his true intentions came into focus.
come into play vi (become involved) (ficar envolvido)entrar em jogo loc v int
 Tiredness comes into play near the end of a race.
come unstuck vi + adj figurative (fail, go wrong)fracassar, falhar vt
  (coloquial)entrar pelo cano exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
 The peace process seems to have come unstuck.
crash a party v expr slang (attend uninvited)entrar de penetra loc vt
 The hooligans decided to crash a party and cause trouble.
crawl into vtr (creep inside)arrastar-se vp
  rastejar, entrar sigilosamente vt
 He crawled into bed as quietly as possible so as not to wake his wife.
creep into [sth] vtr phrasal insep (move stealthily inside)entrar furtivamente loc vt
 The man in black crept quietly into the bushes.
 Um homem de preto entrou furtivamente nos arbustos.
crumple vi figurative (person: collapse) (pessoa)entrar em colapso loc v int
 The frail woman suddenly crumpled where she stood.
dash into [sth] vi + prep informal (hurry inside)entrar rapidíssimo loc vt
 He left the engine running while he dashed into the shop for some cigarettes.
 Ele deixou o motor ligado e entrou rapidíssimo na loja para comprar cigarro.
dip vi (land: slope)entrar em declive expres
 The road dips as it goes into the valley.
drive into [sth] vtr phrasal insep (enter: in a vehicle) (num veículo)entrar em loc vt
 You will receive a ticket when you drive into the parking garage.
elbow in,
elbow your way in
vi phrasal
figurative, informal (force way in)entrar à força loc v int
  empurrar, acotovelar vt
 A man in the crowd shouted at me for elbowing in.
 Um homem na multidão gritou comigo por entrar à força.
 Um homem na multidão gritou comigo por empurrar (or: acotovelar).
enter into force vi (become law, become active) (lei)entrar em vigor loc v int
 The new immigration law passed last week by the legislature will enter into force from January, 1 next year.
enter the scene v (appear or come into play)entrar em cena loc vt
 Hamlet enters the scene from stage left, not stage right!
erupt vi (volcano: eject lava)entrar em erupção loc v int
 When was the last time Mount Etna erupted?
explode vi (yelling, fury) (figurado)explodir v int
  (figurado)entrar em erupção loc verb
 Richard exploded when he heard what happened.
fall on deaf ears,
fall upon deaf ears
v expr
figurative (be ignored) (figurado)entrar por um ouvido e sair pelo outro expres
 Susan was worried that her advice would fall on deaf ears.
freak vi slang (show terror) (BR, gíria)pirar, surtar v int
  apavorar-se vp
  entrar em pânico loc verb
 Paul freaked when he saw something move in the dark.
get in shape v expr informal (exercise) (informal: exercício)entrar em forma expres
 I need to get in shape before the summer bathing suit season starts.
get in touch v expr informal (make contact)fazer contato loc vt
  entrar em contato loc vt
get into conversation vi (start chatting or discussing) (começar a conversar ou discutir)entrar na conversa loc vt
 Your father and I got into an interesting conversation this morning.
go all out v expr slang (make a full effort) (figurado, informal)entrar de cabeça loc verb
  dar tudo de si loc verb
  dedicar-se totalmente loc verb
 If you want to win the contest, you'll have to go all out.
go into a decline v expr figurative (deteriorate)entrar em declínio loc v int
 The economy is forecast to go into a decline.
go into labor,
UK: go into labour
US (start giving birth)entrar em trabalho de parto loc vt
go under the knife v expr informal (have surgery)entrar na faca exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
 She is going under the knife on Tuesday.
head out vi phrasal (leave, start a journey)começar uma jornada loc v int
  (começar algo)entrar de cabeça loc v int
 Henry was getting impatient to head out on his own.
hook up with [sb] vi phrasal + prep slang, figurative (make contact)contatar v int
  POR: contactar v int
  entrar em contato loc v int
  POR: entrar em contacto loc v int
jump on the bandwagon,
climb on the bandwagon
v expr
figurative, informal (do [sth] because it is popular) (gíria: fazer algo porque é popular)entrar na onda, ser maria vai com as outras expres
  (fazer algo porque é popular)fazer como todo mundo, seguir a maioria expres
  (informal)aderir à moda expres
 If you believe in the cause, great, but don't just jump on the bandwagon.
marry into [sth] vtr phrasal insep (acquire through marriage)entrar pelo casamento expres
 William married into a life of wealth and privilege.
UK: metastasise
(disease: spread)entrar em metástase loc v int
muscle in on [sth] vi phrasal + prep informal (get involved in, try to take over)intrometer-se vp
  forçar entrar loc vt
 Solar technology is trying to muscle in on the crowded energy market.
on adj informal, figurative (due onstage)entrar em cena loc verb
 Theresa's on in two minutes! Where did she go?
 Teresa entra em cena em dois minutos! Onde ela foi?
panic vi (act out of fear)entrar em pânico loc verb
 Jeremy panicked and ran when he saw the police.
push in vtr phrasal insep US, informal (aggressively enter a group of people) (informal, entrar agressivamente)entrar aos safanões loc v int
  entrar à cotovelada lco v int
recess vi (court: break)entrar em recesso loc v int
 The court will recess for lunch.
rush vi (appear rapidly) (aparecer rapidamente)precipitar-se vp
  entrar de roldão loc v int
 The star rushed onstage.
rush in vi phrasal (enter in a hurry)entrar apressadamente v int adv
  entrar de roldão v int + loc adj
 He rushed in before we could stop him.
shape up vi phrasal informal (get fit)entrar em forma expres
 Going to the gym regularly helped Alice shape up for the marathon.
shape up vi phrasal informal, figurative (improve performance) (figurado, informal)entrar nos eixos expres
 Hey boys! Better shape up or you'll be shipping out.
shape up vi phrasal informal, figurative (develop) (figurado, informal)entrar nos eixos expres
 Our sales are shaping up nicely: we'll soon be showing a profit again.
sneak in vi + adv (enter unseen or stealthily)esgueirar-se vp
  entrar de fininho expres
 The teenagers weren't allowed in the bar, but they sneaked in anyway.
sweep in vi phrasal figurative (dash into a place)entrar de repente vt
  chegar de repente vt
take action expr (act, do [sth] practical) (agir, fazer algo prático)agir vt
  fazer algo vt
  entrar em ação vt
 We can't just ignore the situation - we must take action.
wade in vi phrasal (walk into water, mud, etc.)entrar (na água, lama, etc.) vt
  chafurdar vt
 I guess I'll have to wade in the creek to cross it; there's no bridge for miles.
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