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entrar v int  (penetrar, passar para dentro)enter vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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make vtr (earn acceptance into)  (ser aceito)entrar vt
 Only half of people at tryouts made the team.
enter vtr (move into)entrar vt
 He entered the house.
 Ele entrou na casa.
enter vi (move in)entrar v int
 You may enter, but please knock first to announce your presence.
enter vtr (type into a database)  (digitar num banco de dados)entrar vt
  dar entrada loc vt
 The analyst entered the data into the database.
enter vtr (sports, contests)  (inscrever-se)entrar vt
 He decided to enter the contest to see if he could win.
enter vi (walk on stage)  (entrar em cena)entrar v int
 The actress enters stage right at the start of the second act.
step vi (enter situation)  (numa situação)entrar vt
 He stepped into the argument to help her out.
get in vi (enter: a car, etc.)  (veículo: carro, etc)entrar v int
 I opened the door and got in.
get into vtr (enter: a vehicle)  (veículo: carro, etc)entrar v int
 Susan got into the taxi and asked the driver to take her home.
go in vi (go indoors)  (em local fechado)entrar v int
 It's hot out. Would you like to go in?
go in vi (be included)  (ser incluído)entrar v int
 Do you want to go in with us on the boss's gift?
hop into vtr informal (enter casually or spontaneously)entrar vt
come into vtr phrasal insep literal (enter)  (literal)entrar v int
climb in vi phrasal informal (enter a vehicle)  (num veículo)subir v int
  entrar v int
climb into vtr phrasal insep (enter: a vehicle, etc.)subir vt
  entrar vt
come in entrar
find [sth]
(arrive at, reach or attain)entrar, penetrar vt
 The arrow found its target.
enter vi (begin, commit oneself to, embark upon)começar, entrar vt
 They entered into marriage on March the thirteenth.
collapse vi figurative (stop working)entrar em colapso loc v int
 The government collapsed after the conflict.
rush vi (appear rapidly)  (aparecer rapidamente)precipitar-se vp
  entrar de roldão loc v int
 The star rushed onstage.
storm vi (enter or exit upset)entrar ou sair fazendo barulho loc v int
 She stormed out after losing the game.
erupt vi (volcano: eject lava)entrar em erupção loc v int
crumple vi figurative (person: collapse)  (pessoa)entrar em colapso loc v int
crumple vi figurative (regime, system: be destroyed)  (sistema, regime)entrar em colapso loc v int
UK: metastasise
(disease: spread)entrar em metástase loc v int
ball up vtr US, slang (make a mess of)  (fazer uma confusão)enrolar-se vp
  entrar numa fria loc vt
 I've really balled up my computer this time; I'll have to call tech support.
become fashionable v (grow popular)entrar na moda loc vt
 After the queen wore a mauve-colored dress, the new color became fashionable throughout the country.
bring home to vtr (make [sb] understand more deeply)  (fazer com que entendam)fazer entrar na cabeça loc vt
 The importance of safe driving was brought home to me only yesterday when I witnessed a bad accident.
chime in vi informal (enter a discussion)  (informal)entrar na conversa
 If you know the answer, please chime in.
chip in vi informal (enter a debate)  (informal)entrar na conversa
  interromper v int
 Can I chip in? I just wanted to say that I thought your presentation was fantastic.
clash with vtr figurative (be in conflict with)  (figurativo - discordância, antagonismo)entrar em conflito com loc vt
  bater de frente com
clash with vtr literal (have a violent encounter with)  (literal - luta, brigar)entrar em conflito com loc vt
 Three soldiers were killed on Tuesday when security forces clashed with the separatists
come in contact with vtr (be exposed to: [sth] harmful)  (ser exposto a algo nocivo)entrar em contato com
 I phoned the doctor as soon as I found out I had come in contact with someone who had Swine Flu.
come in contact with vtr (meet [sb])  (encontrar alguém)entrar em contato com
come unstuck v figurative (meet with failure)fracassar, falhar vt
   (coloquial)entrar pelo cano
 The peace process seems to have come unstuck.
crawl into vtr (creep inside)arrastar-se vp
  rastejar, entrar sigilosamente vt
 He crawled into bed as quietly as possible so as not to wake his wife.
creep in vi figurative (thought emotion: slowly enter)  (pensamento)entrar lentamente, tomar forma
 The idea slowly began to creep into his head that he could in fact make a living from his art.
creep into vtr (crawl or move stealthily inside)  (rastejar, engatinhar)entrar furtivamente loc vt
 The creepy man quietly crept into the bushes.
dash into vtr informal (hurry into)entrar precipitadamente
 He left the engine running while he dashed into the shop for some cigarettes.
elbow in vi (force one's way in)  (abrir caminho com os cotovelos)entrar à força loc v int
  empurrar, acotovelar vt
 He elbowed his way to the front of the crowd to get the autograph.
go into vtr (enter)  (moção, movimento)entrar em vt
 I went into the house.
go into a decline vi (deteriorate)  (deteriorar, piorar)entrar em declínio loc v int
 The economy is forecast to go into a decline.
drift into v (gradually become involved in)  (envolver-se gradualmente)deixar-se levar loc vp
  entrar gradualmente loc v int
 I drifted into teaching after I failed my exams to become a doctor.
hop in vi informal (get inside a vehicle)  (informal: num veículo)entrar, pular v int
 We're going to the beach. If you want to come, just hop in.
make contact with vtr (contact, communicate with)entrar em contato com loc vt
  fazer contato com loc vt
 I've been trying to make contact with him all day.
back into vtr phrasal insep (enter by reversing)entrar de marcha a ré loc vt
 My wife always has trouble backing the car into the driveway.
come into force vi (become applicable or active)entrar em vigor loc vint
 The new law does not come into force until February of next year.
drive into vtr phrasal insep (enter in a vehicle)  (num veículo)entrar em loc vt
 You will receive a ticket when you drive into the parking garage.
come into focus vi literal (be sharper to the eye)  (literal)entrar em foco loc v int
come into focus vi figurative (become clear)  (ficar claro)entrar em foco loc v int
 When he started asking me for money, his true intentions came into focus.
come into play vi (become involved)  (ficar envolvido)entrar em jogo loc v int
crash a party v informal (attend a social event uninvited)  (numa festa, sem convite)entrar de penetra loc vt
 The hooligans decided to crash a party and cause trouble.
barge vi (push into)entrar sem pedir licença loc v int
engage vtr (enemy)entrar em luta com loc vt
panic vtr (act out of fear)  (agir por medo)entrar em pânico loc vt
recess vi (court: break)entrar em recesso loc v int
tackle vtr (soccer)  (futebol)entrar em carrinho loc vt
burst in entrar de súbito
burst into flame entrar em combustão
get in contact with entrar em contato com
get in line entrar na fila
get in touch with entrar em contato com
go into detail entrar em detalhes
keep out não entrar
  não deixar entrar
sneak in entrar furtivamente
zoom in entrar em close-up
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