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esboço sm delineamento, esquemasketch, outline n
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design n (outline)esboço sm
 This is the basic design for the new park.
design, design [sth] vtr (sketch)esboço sm
 This is a rough design for the new sports' centre.
 Este é um esboço simples do novo centro esportivo.
draft, draught, US: draft n (provisional sketch)esboço sm
 Some painters will make many drafts before the final painting.
frame n (outlines)esboço sm
 This is a frame for the report - can you fill in the relevant information?
outline n (profile)perfil sm
 esboço sm
 The artist sketched an outline of the model.
outline n (general description) descrição gerallinhas gerais loc sf
 esboço sm
 I'll tell you the general outline of our development plans.
outline n (overview, summary) resumoesquema sm
 esboço sm
 He didn't write his speech word for word. He would just write the outline.
outline n (draft)esboço sm
 First write an outline, and when your research is complete, a more detailed text.
layout n (publishing: page plan)esboço sm
 She designed a beautiful layout with the photo in the middle.
 Ela desenhou um belo esboço com a foto no centro.
rough draft rascunho
rough outline esboço
plan n (outline)esboço, diagrama sm
 I've drawn a plan showing how to get to the wedding.
 I've sketched a plan of the film's action.
design n (sketch)esquema, esboço sm
 She showed me her design for the company's logo.
 Ela me mostrou seu esquema (or: esboço) para o logotipo da empresa.
study n (art: exercise, guide) arteesboço, modelo sm
 Da Vinci drew lots studies of body parts.
layout n (design, plan)layout, esboço sm
 The architect drew the layout before construction began.
 O arquiteto desenhou o layout (or: esboço) antes da construção iniciar.
thumbnail n (art: small sketch) artepequeno esboço loc sm
worksheet n (paper for preliminary notes) notas preliminaresesboço, rascunho sm
 minuta sf
storyboard n (film outline in pictures) de filmeesboço seqüencial loc sm
vignette n (portrait sketch) Pequena ilustraçãovinheta sf
 esboço literário loc sm
sketch n (quick drawing)esboço, rascunho sm
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