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escrever vt  (representar por escrita)write vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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write vtr (form letters, inscribe)escrever vt
 George can write his name already.
write vtr (communicate in writing)escrever vt
 I'm going to write a letter to my friend.
 Vou escrever uma carta para meu amigo.
write vtr (to author)escrever vt
 Elizabeth wants to write a book.
write vtr (to compose music)  (compor)escrever vt
 Andrew is writing a symphony.
write vi (form letters)escrever v int
 Rachel is learning to write.
 Rachel está aprendendo a escrever.
write vi (to write professionally)escrever v int
 Brian has always wanted to write.
write vi (to write letters)escrever v int
 I never have time to write.
write vi (to express thoughts in writing)escrever v int
 When I want to get things clear in my head, I write.
author vtr (write)escrever vt
  ser o autor
 She authored two of the magazine articles.
writing n (the act of writing)escrever sm
   (o ato de escrever)escrevinhação sf
 I find writing to be a relaxing activity.
print [sth]
(handwriting: write in capitals)  (com letra de forma ou imprensa)escrever vt
 Print your name in the space provided instead of signing.
 Em vez de assinar, escreva em letra de forma o seu nome no espaço provido.
spell vi (write)escrever v int
 I can read, but I can't spell very well.
 Eu sei ler, mas não sei escrever muito bem.
set vtr (type)digitar, escrever vt
 Can you set this report for me in a plain typeface?
typewriter n (writing machine)máquina de escrever loc sf
overwrite vtr (write in a wordy style)escrever demais loc vt
misspell vtr (spell wrongly)soletrar erradamente loc vt
  escrever erradamente loc vt
scribe vi (write, be a scribe)escrever, copiar v int
chalk up vtr literal (write in chalk)  (literal)escrever a giz, gizar vt
dash off vtr informal (write or compose hastily)  (escrever ou compor precipitadamente)escrever às pressas
 If you leave your homework to the last minute then dash the essay off in half an hour, you mustn't be surprised if you get poor marks.
drop a line vi informal (send a message, make contact)  (enviar uma mensagem)escrever uma linha
 I should drop a line to my brother because I haven't written him in a long time.
electric typewriter n (typewriting machine powered by electricity)máquina de escrever elétrica loc sf
 Electric typewriters have been almost entirely superseded by word processors and PCs.
note down vtr (write for future reference)anotar, escrever vt
 I will note down that only notarised statements may be presented in court.
compose vtr (music)compor, escrever vt
compose vtr (write)compor, escrever vt
pencil vtr (write in pencil)  (escrever com lápis)escrever com lápis loc vt
script vtr figurative (give precise instructions, words)escrever um roteiro loc vt
script vtr (write a play)escrever um roteiro loc vt
   (brasileirismo)roteirizar vt
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