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escrita sf representação de palavraswriting n
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hand n (handwriting)escrita sf
 She has a very elegant hand.
writing n (language)escrita sf
 Can you read this writing? I don't know the language.
writing n (handwriting) escrita a mãoescrita sf
 caligrafia sf
 letra sf
 His writing was hardly legible.
 Sua escrita era pouco legível.
 * Escrevia com uma caligrafia clara e bonita.
 Ninguém entende o que ele escreve. Tem letra de médico.
writing n (style of writing) estilo de escreverescrita sf
 Her writing is clear and concise.
 A escrita dela é clara e concisa.
law n (written law)lei escrita sf
 This is against common law and written law.
writing n (inscription)inscrição, escrita sf
 Did you see the hieroglyphic writing on this wall?
lettering n (script, handwriting) escritoescrita, escritura sf
 manuscrito sm
cuneiform n (ancient wedge-shaped writing) em forma de cunhaescrita cuneiforme loc sf
clerical error n (administrative mistake)erro de escrita, erro administrativo loc sm
 Her clerical error cost the company a lot of money.
obscure writing n (text which is hard to decipher) texto difícil a decifrar escrita ilegível loc sf
 Doctors always have obscure writing.
obscure writing n (writing whose meaning is hard to discover) texto difícil a entender escrita obscura loc sf
 Though the philosopher was at times accused of obscure writing, his ideas still transformed his field.
clerical mistake n (administrative or typographical error)erro de escrita loc sm
 erro tipográfico loc sm
 Due to a clerical mistake, the client was charged twice.
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