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escutar vt  (dar ouvidos)listen vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
  listen, hear viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
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hear vi (be able to perceive sound)  (ter a habilidade de perceber um som)escutar vt
 She can no longer hear well and is becoming deaf.
 Ela não consegue mais escutar bem e está ficando surda.
hear vi (listen with favour)  (favoravelmente)escutar vt
 The manager will hear with sympathy, if you present your argument calmly.
listen to
(actively hear)escutar v int
  ouvir v int
 Please be quiet. I am listening to the radio.
 Por favor, fique quieta. Estou escutando rádio.
listen for
(try to hear, wait for)  (tentar ouvir)escutar v int
 They listened for any sounds coming from the mine.
literary, poetic (listen, heed [sth])  (literário, poético)escutar v int
hearken to vtr archaic, literary (listen to, pay attention to)  (arcaico, literário)escutar vt
  prestar atenção a loc vt
 Had I but hearkened to my mother's counsel, I should not now find myself in this wretched condition.
miss [sth]
(fail to hear)  (negativo)não entender loc vt
  não escutar loc vt
 I'm sorry, I missed what you said.
 Desculpa-me, não entendi o que disseste.
hear vtr (perceive sound)  (perceber o som)escutar, ouvir vt
 He heard a crash in the kitchen and went to see what had happened.
 Ele escutou (or: ouviu) um barulho na cozinha e foi ver o que era.
hear vtr (listen to)ouvir, escutar vt
 Will you please hear what I have to say?
hear vtr (detect faint sound)  (detectar um som baixo)escutar, ouvir vt
 Can you hear the train whistle?
 Você consegue escutar o apito do trem?
listen vi (consider)  (dar atenção)escutar, considerar vt
 I would like them to listen to my proposal.
hear vtr (understand)entender, escutar vt
 I hear you, but I don't agree.
eavesdrop vi (listen secretly)  (ouvir escondido)escutar atrás da porta v int
hark vi literary, archaic (listen attentively)ouvir, escutar v int
listen at the door vi (eavesdrop)escutar atrás da porta loc v int
 You'll hear what they say if you listen at the door.
hear [sb] out escutar alguém até o final
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