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espuma foam
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froth n (on a liquid: foam)  (num líquido)espuma sf
lather n (soap suds)espuma sf
foam n (beer)  (cerveja)espuma sf
foam n (bubbly form)espuma sf
foam n (material)  (material)espuma sf
suds npl (soap bubbles)  (de sabão)espuma, bolha sf
bubble bath n (bath with bubbles in the water)banho de espuma loc sm
 Women generally take bubble baths after exercising in order to relax.
foam rubber n (spongy material used as stuffing)espuma de borracha loc sf
 The seat cushions were filled with foam rubber.
cleaning mousse n (household cleaning product: foam)espuma para limpeza loc sf
 We cleaned the old leather chair with a spray-on cleaning mousse.
foam insulation n (draught-proofing with spongy material)isolamento com espuma de poliuretano loc sm
foam lined
(coated inside with spongy material)forrado com espuma de poliuretano loc adj
 When I buy frozen foods from the supermarket, I use a foam-lined bag to help keep it frozen whilst I take it home.
foam pillow n (sponge-stuffed cushion for the head)travesseiro de espuma loc sm
 I like a foam pillow better than down because it keeps its shape all night.
scum n inv (on surface, liquid)escuma, espuma sf
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