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esquerda left side or hand; the opposition, left wing
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left adj (politics)  (ideologia política)esquerda sf
 The left wing politician opposed the change.
left n (left side)  (lado esquerdo)esquerda sf
 Your keys are to your left.
 Suas chaves estão à esquerda.
left n (left-hand turn)  (lado da mão esquerda)esquerda sf
 Take a left at the third light.
left n (political wing)  (partido político )esquerda sf
 The politicians on the left opposed the change.
 Os políticos de esquerda opuseram-se à mudança.
left n (boxing)  (golpe deferido com a mão esquerda)esquerda sf
 He landed a left on the other man's chin.
left adv (toward the left)  (virar à esquerda)para a esquerda loc adv
 In this dance, you hop left and then right.
 Nessa dança, você pula à esquerda e depois vira à direita.
champagne adj usu. Pejorative (luxurious, indulgent)  (pejorativo: luxuoso, indulgente)elitista adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
   (política, pejorativo)esquerda caviar loc sf
backhanded adj (writing: slanting backwards)  (escrita )inclinado para a esquerda loc adj
haw v (turn to the left)  (virar à esquerda)dobrar à esquerda loc v int
(towards the left)à esquerda loc adj
(towards the left)à esquerda loc adv
Left Bank n (area of Paris south of River Seine)  (área de Paris na margem esquerda do Rio Sena)Rive Gauche, Margem Esquerda
 When you go to Paris you must visit the Left Bank to soak up the atmosphere.
left bank
(intellectual or artistic)  (fig, artístico, intelectual)de esquerda loc adj
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir inspired many left-bank intellectuals.
left handed
(compliment: insincere, false)  (cumprimento: falso, insincero)da mão esquerda loc adj
 He said my cake tasted better than it looked - a left-handed compliment if I ever heard one!
 He paid her a left-handed compliment, saying she was well-built for her height.
on the left adv (to the left-hand side)à esquerda loc adv
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