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estender vt  (tempo: maior)extend vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
   (esticar)spread vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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run vtr (traverse)  (ir de um extremo a outro)cruzar, atravessar vt
  estender vt
 The mountain range runs over half the country.
range vi (extend)estender v int
 The defensive bunkers ranged along the ridge.
reach vtr (length: extend)estender vt
 He reached his hand down to pick the paper off the floor.
spread [sth]
(lay flat)estender vt
 She spread the shirt across the ironing board.
extend vi (stretch out)estender v int
 The roof of the house extends over the porch.
extend vtr (hand: hold out)  (mãos)estender vt
 The Frenchman extended his hand to shake mine.
extend vtr (place at full length)estender vt
 He extended the map across the table.
lengthen vtr (make longer in time)  (aumentar tempo)estender vt
go vi (extend)estender-se vp
  ir v int
 Our property goes all the way down to the river.
 A nossa propriedade estende-se por todo o caminho até o rio.
run vi (extend)  (ocupar área)esticar-se, estender-se vp
 The cable runs between the walls.
run vi (travel)  (percurso)estender-se vp
  chegar, atingir, ir v int
 The highway runs along the valley.
run vtr (extend)  (ocupar área extensa)estender, esticar vt
  espichar vt
 They ran a telegraph cable under the Atlantic.
reach vi (move to take)  (para alcançar)estender-se vp
 He reached for the book.
spread [sth]
(paint: apply)  (tinta: aplicar)estender, cobrir vt
 First, spread the paint over the area.
spread [sth]
(display, show off)  (mostrar)abrir, estender vt
 The peacock spread his tail.
spread [sth]
(lay out)colocar, estender, pôr vt
 She spread the tablecloth.
spread vi (extend)estender-se vp
 The mountains spread to the sea.
bridge vtr (span)estender-se vp
 His long time as coach of the team bridged three generations.
expand vi (extend)expandir v int
  estender-se vp
 The forest expanded across the floor of the valley.
extend vtr (make longer: time)  (maior: tempo)estender, prorrogar vt
 The legislature extended the voting time by 15 minutes.
 A assembleia legislativa estendeu o tempo de votação em mais 15 minutos.
extend vi (spread)estender-se vp
 Our land extends from the river to the road.
roll vi figurative (extend in undulations)  (de forma sinuosa)estender-se, estirar-se vp
 The hills of Tuscany roll for miles.
shoot vi (extend out, jut out)estender-se, estirar-se vp
 The rock was shooting out from the cliff.
crowd vtr (baseball)  (beisebol: sobre a base)estender, ocupar vt
 The batter crowded the plate in anticipation of the first pitch.
span [sth]
(bridge, go across)estender, abarcar, abranger vt
 The fallen tree spans the stream.
stretch [sth] out
(extend)esticar, estender vt
 Stretch your hand and grab hold of the railing.
stretch [sth]
(muscles: flex)  (músculo: retesar)estirar, estender, alongar vt
 I need to stretch my legs before I run the race.
stretch vtr (spread: wings)  (abrir as asas)esticar, estender vt
 The turkey stretched its wings and tried to fly, but was too heavy to leave the ground.
prolong vtr (extend)prolongar, estender vt
  prorrogar vt
protrude vi (stick out)sobressair, aparecer, assomar v int
  estender, espichar v int
outreach vi (reach out)expandir-se, estender-se vp
  estender a mão loc vt
outstretch [sth]
(hold out, extend)estender, esticar, estirar vt
overextend [sth]
(take on excessive obligations: financial, time, etc.)  (fig: assumir obrigações em excesso)estender além do limite loc vt
overextend [sth]
figurative (prolong excessively)  (figurativo: prolongar)estender demais loc vt
broaden out vi (widen in scope, branch out)ampliar-se, estender-se vp
 You need to broaden out, as your interests are too narrow.
expand rapidly vi (spread out quickly)  (dar maior superfície a)espalhar, estender rapidamente loc v int
dwell vi (on a topic: speaking)  (em um assunto: falar)insistir em loc vt
   (falar sobre algo por muito tempo)estender-se v p
spread to estender-se a
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