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estrada sf  (via de transporte terrestre)road nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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street n (road)  (estrada)rua sf
  estrada sf
 This street has four lanes.
 Esta rua tem quatro faixas.
road n (highway)  (rodovia)estrada sf
 That road is Highway Nineteen to Albany.
 A estrada é a Rodovia Dezenove para Albany.
road n (way)  (caminho)estrada sf
  caminho sm
 Which road should I take to get to Athens?
motorway n UK (highway)  (INGL,auto-estrada)estrada sf
thoroughfare n (main road, highway)  (estrada principal)estrada sf
causeway n (paved road)  (estrada pavimentada)estrada sf
  passagem elevada loc sf
going n (trail or route conditions)condição da estrada loc sf
 The going's good as far as the river, then it gets heavy.
road n (route)  (via)caminho, rumo sm
  rota, estrada sf
 Do not take the wrong road or you will be lost.
road n figurative (way)  (figurado)caminho, rumo sm
  direção, estrada sf
 She is on the road to happiness.
road n (railroad)  (via férrea)estrada de ferro loc sf
  via férrea loc sf
 The train takes the road from Paris to Lyons.
railroad n (railway tracks)estrada de ferro loc sf
impasse n (road with no exit)estrada sem saída loc sf
freeway n US (toll-free highway, motorway)auto-estrada sf
roadside n (area at the side of a road)  (margem)beira da estrada loc sf
  acostamento sm
roadside adj (at the side of the road)da beira da estrada loc adj
  da margem da estrada loc adj
sideway n (side road)  (estrada lateral)estrada secundária loc sf
  estrada vicinal loc sf
wayside adj (at the roadside)de beira de estrada loc adj
carriageway n UK (road)estrada de rodagem loc sf
  rodovia sf
roadway n (thoroughfare, road)pista, estrada sf
autobahn n (motorway in Germany or Austria)auto-estrada, rodovia sf
byway n (side road)estrada secundária loc sf
  atalho sm
roadwork n (construction done on a traffic route)obra em estrada loc sf
tollway n (road for which a traffic fee is charged)estrada com pedágio loc sf
cul-de-sac n (road with no exit, dead-end street)rua sem saída, estrada sem saída
 The neighborhood children could play safely in the cul-de-sac as it was free of traffic.
cul-de-sac n UK (close: residential road with no exit)  (estrada residencial sem saída)estrada particular loc sf
dirt road n (unmade road, track)estrada de terra
 Main Street is paved but all the other streets are just dirt roads.
gravel road n (path made up of small stones)estrada de cascalho loc sf
 This gravel road is only wide enough for one car.
motor inn n (motel, motorway hotel)  (hotel econômico destinado geralmente a automobilistas)hotel de beira de estrada loc sm
fork in the road n literal (path that splits into 2 directions)  (literal)bifurcação na estrada loc sf
 Take a left when you come to the fork in the road.
back road estrada secundária
rest stop parada de descanso numa estrada
road block barricada
  bloqueio de estrada
road hog condutor que não deixa os outros o ultrapassarem
   (coloquial)dono da estrada
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