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estudo study, act of studying, learning
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study n (act of studying)estudo sm
 The visitors interrupted the student's study.
study n (investigation) investigaçãoestudo sm
 Dr. Morton will aid the scientists in their study.
study n (music: composition) músicaestudo sm
 The next piece is a study for piano in A-minor.
study n (written account) relato escritoestudo sm
 Our department presented a study at the conference.
 Nosso departamento apresentou um estudo na conferência.
study n (branch of learning)estudo sm
 Botany is the study of plants.
etude, étude n (music: short piano study) música: para pianoestudo sm
study n (deep thought) pensamento profundoexame, estudo sm
 Charles was lost in his study of a leaf.
swot n UK, informal (study intensively) que estuda intensivamenteestudo esforçado loc sm
 estudo diligente loc sm
casework n (study or investigation by a social worker) estudo de assistência socialestudo de casos loc sm
case study n (detailed individual example)estudo de caso loc sm
 To assist you in understanding the translation process, I have prepared a case study of a book translation.
foreign-language study n (learning of other languages)estudo de línguas, idiomas loc sf
 Foreign-language study is best done in the country in question.
language study n (learning of foreign languages)estudo de idiomas loc sm
 I have a degree in mathematics, but my true love is language study.
minor in vtr US (study as a subsidiary subject)obter um título adicional loc vt
 fazer um estudo secundário
 When I was in college, I majored in business and minored in psychology.
nature study n (learning about nature through direct experience)estudo de natureza loc sm
 We enjoy bird watching and other kinds of nature study.
conduct a study v (perform an investigation)fazer um estudo loc vt
 conduzir um estudo loc vt
 I've been researching for my thesis but I still need to conduct a study to test my hypothoses.
experimental study n (research: trial)estudo experimental loc sm
 There are many experimental studies for finding a cure for cancer.
field study n (observation of nature in the wild) observação da naturezaestudo do meio loc sm
 it was essential to conduct a field study to get to know the bird species better in their own habitat.
field study n (observation off-site)estudo do meio loc sm
 trabalho de campo loc sm
major field of study área principal de estudo
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