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exercício sm  (físico)exercise nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
   (exercício repetido)practice nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
   (ginástica)workout nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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practice n (repeated performance)  (exercício repetido)exercício sm
  prática sf
 The students' drawing practice helped them improve their skill.
 O exercício de desenho ajudou os alunos a melhorarem suas habilidades.
exercise n (physical activity)  (atividade física)exercício sm
 Exercise, such as running, is good for your health.
 O exercício, tal como a corrida, é bom para a saúde.
exercise n (mental activity)  (atividade mental)exercício sm
 Chess is an exercise for the mind.
exercise n (task, problem serving as training, homework)  (dever de casa, tarefa, lição)exercício sm
 The student did geometry exercises after school.
exercise n (project, endeavour)exercício sm
 Writing short stories was an exercise in technique for the author.
exercise n (putting to use, calling on)  (uso, emprego)exercício sm
 The exercise of military power is more common than I would like.
(military)  (militar)exercício sm
 The American and Koreans militaries held joint exercises off the coast of Korea.
workout n (at gym, exercise)  (ginástica)exercício sm
drill n (training)exercício sm
exertion n (physical exercise)  (exercício físico)esforço, exercício sm
workbook n (book of exercises)caderno de exercício loc sm
bodywork n (exercise, manipulation of body to increase well-being)exercício físico loc sm
classwork n (assignments done in school hours)exercício de classe loc sm
dry run n (trial, rehearsal)exercício prático, ensaio
 We've only got one chance to get it right, so let's do a dry run first.
exercise bike n informal (exercise machine like a bicycle)bicicleta de exercício loc sf
 I do 20 minutes on my exercise bike every morning.
fire drill n (practice of procedure in case of fire)  (simulacro de incêndio)exercício de evacuação loc sm
 We had a fire drill at the office today.
fiscal year n (12-month financial calendar)  (Cont:)exercício fiscal loc sm
  ano fiscal loc sm
 Our accounting system uses October as the first month of our fiscal year.
 The president of the company was happy to report record profits during the fiscal year.
aerobic exercise n (oxygen-increasing physical activity)exercício aeróbico loc sm
exercise mat n (padded safety surface)  (atividade física)colchonete para exercício loc sm
 My gym requires all particpants in yoga classes to bring their own exercise mats to class with them.
exercise routine n (systematic physical workout)rotina de exercício loc sf
 Mrs. Peabody hired a personal trainer to create an exercise routine just for her.
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