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experiência sfexperience nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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experience n (personal encountering)experiência sf
 She had her first experience with horses when she was ten.
experience n (personal undergoing)experiência sf
 My divorce was a very bad experience.
 O meu divórcio foi uma experiência muito ruim.
experience n (personal observance)experiência sf
 It is better to learn by experience than from books.
experience n (things perceived over time)experiência sf
 Our experience has been that people don't pay unless we send them reminders.
 Nossa experiência diz que as pessoas não nos pagam a menos que lhes mandemos lembretes.
experience n (knowledge gained from perceptions)  (conhecimento adquirido)experiência sf
 She has had a lot of experience working with prisoners.
 Ela ganhou muita experiência trabalhando com prisioneiros.
background n (personal experience)experiência sf
  passado sm
 My background is in publishing.
 She comes from a very poor background.
 Minha experiência é com publicidade.
 Ela tem um passado muito pobre.
experiment n (scientific)experimento, ensaio sm
  experiência sf
experiment n (test)experiência sf
  teste sm
subject n (in a clinical trial, patient)cobaia sf
  sujeito da experiência loc sm
 The subject tried to stay still while the doctors looked at him.
unskilled adj (job: requiring no training)  (emprego)sem experiência loc adj
from experience adv (having experienced it oneself)por experiência pessoal loc adv
 She knew from experience that the relationship was going nowhere.
from my own experience adv (having experienced it myself)por experiência pessoal loc adv
have been around vi slang (have experience of life)ter experiência de vida expres
   (ter experiência)estar calejado loc v int
 I've had so many jobs and lived in so many places that I feel like I've really been around.
laboratory experiment n (test carried out in a laboratory)experiência de laboratório loc sf
 The chemistry exam will consist of a written paper and a laboratory experiment.
learn by experience vi (gain practical understanding of [sth])  (ganhar conhecimentos empíricos)aprender pela experiência loc v int
 No matter how many education classes you take, as a teacher you will primarily learn by experience in the classroom.
learn by experience vtr (discover at first hand)  (descobrir por experiência pessoal)aprender pela experiência loc v int
 If you won't listen to me, I guess you'll just have to learn by experience.
mystical experience n (spiritual encounter)  (encontro espiritual)experiência mística loc sf
 Science can often provide ordinary explanations for what other people believe are mystical experiences.
be adept at doing [sth] v (be skilled or dexterous at doing [sth])  (ser habilidoso em)ter experiência em loc vt
  ter uma boa mão exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
 Her cakes are beautiful; she is very adept at icing them.
be experienced in [sth] v (have practical knowledge of [sth])ter experiência em loc vt
experience of a lifetime n figurative (rare and special event)experiência única loc sf
experiment n (an attempt)experiência, tentativa sf
ordeal n (difficult experience)  (experiência difícil)experiência penosa loc sf
   (experiência difícil)suplício sm
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