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experimentar experiment, try, prove, attempt
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try [sth]
try [sth] out
(evaluate by experiment)experimentar vt
 You can try these golf clubs before you buy them.
taste vtr (sample experience)experimentar vt
 I would love to taste just a little of her lifestyle.
trial vtr (test)testar vt
  experimentar vt
 They are trialling a new drug for cancer.
experiment with vtr (drugs, etc.: try, experience)  (drogas, etc: provar)experimentar vt
experience vtr (learn by experience)  (aprender por experiência)experimentar, experienciar vt
 I experienced nursing in a training hospital.
try [sth]
(test or sample)tentar, experimentar vt
 Try it before you decide whether it's difficult.
 Tente (or: experimente) antes de dá-lo como difícil.
try [sth]
(taste)provar, experimentar vt
 He tried spinach once and didn't like it.
 Ele provou (or: experimentou) espinafre uma vez e não gostou.
taste vtr (sample food or drink)  (provar comida ou bebida)provar, experimentar vt
 Would you like to taste my pasta?
 Gostaria de provar (or: experimentar) a minha massa?
come near vtr figurative (to nearly experience)  (figurativo)quase experimentar loc vt
 After I lost my job and my son died, I came near to a breakdown.
dabble in [sth] v informal (do [sth] in an experimental or uncommitted way)incursionar, explorar, experimentar vt
try it on experimentar uma roupa
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