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explicar vtexplain viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
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explain vi (make [sth] clear)  (tornar claro)explicar v int
 Just give me a minute and I'll explain.
 Dê-me um minuto e eu explicarei.
explain [sth]
(clarify, elaborate on)  (elaborar)explicar vt
 She is asleep already, he explained.
explain [sth]
(make intelligible or clear)explicar vt
 Can you explain what led to your decision?
explain [sth]
(give details about)  (dar detalhes)explicar vt
 She explained her reasoning.
 Ela explicou seu raciocínio.
explain [sth]
(account for)explicar vt
 Can you explain what happened to the money?
spell vtr (explain)explicar vt
 Spell it out for us, so we can understand what you really mean.
explicate [sth]
(explain, clarify)explicar vt
account for [sth] vtr (explain or justify [sth])explicar vt
 So how do you account for the fact that no one can confirm your alibi for that night?
tell vtr (explain)dizer, explicar, esclarecer vt
 Tell me exactly how you came to this conclusion.
explain [sth] to [sb] v (clarify [sth] to [sb])explicar algo a loc vt
 I've tried to explain Einstein's Theory of Relativity to Suzette many times, but she still doesn't understand it.
make your point explicar-se
  dizer a que veio
without having to spell things out sem ter que explicar tudo
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