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faca sfknife nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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knife n (cutting implement)  (instrumento cortante)faca sf
 She used a knife to cut the cardboard.
 Ela usou uma faca para cortar o papelão.
knife n (kitchen)  (de cozinha)faca sf
 Can I have a knife to cut the steak?
 Pode me dar uma faca para eu cortar a carne?
knife n (weapon)  (arma)faca sf
 When the robber showed his knife, I gave him my wallet.
under the knife
colloquial (scalpel)  (coloquial, bisturi)faca sf
 She is going under the knife on Tuesday.
DIY n abbr (Do-It-Yourself: home improvement)  (melhoramentos em casa)faça você mesmo expres
shiv n slang (knife)canivete, faca sf
bread knife n (large knife for slicing bread)faca de pão loc sf
 I bake crusty artisan bread, so my husband gave me a really sharp bread knife.
butter knife n (knife for cutting butter)faca para manteiga loc sf
 The butter knife is not sharp as it only has to cut through butter, which is very soft.
carving knife n (utensil for carving meat)faca de trinchar loc sf
 He confidently used the carving knife to cut the roast.
cheese knife n (utensil for cutting cheese)faca de queijo loc sf
 I used to have a cheese knife that had tines on the end to pick up the slices I cut.
come hell or high water adv (whatever the difficulties, whatever happens)aconteça o que acontecer, chova ou faça sol
  seja lá o que for
 Come hell or high water, I am going to finish this marathon.
come rain or shine adv literal (whatever the weather)  (literal - qualquer tempo)faça chuva ou faça sol
 Come rain or shine, we are going to beach tomorrow!
come rain or shine adv figurative (whatever happens)  (fig, qualquer coisa que aconteça)faça chuva ou faça sol
 Come rain or shine, I will never abandon you.
dinner knife n (knife used for main course)faca de mesa
 My sister holds her dinner knife in her left hand.
do me the favour of interj (please would you)faça-me o favor de interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 Kindly do me the favour of not turning your back on me when I'm talking to you!
hunting knife n (cutting tool used in hunting)faca de caça loc sf
 He used his hunting knife to gut the rabbit.
make love not war interj (pacifist slogan of the 1960s)  (lema dos hippies nos anos 60)faça amor não faça guerra! interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 'Make love not war' was the best-known slogan of the hippy movement.
dual-edged sword
double-edged sword
figurative ([sth] positive which has a downside)faca de dois gumes loc sf
 Technology can be a double-edged sword; we live more comfortably now because of it, but it is also harming our environment.
fight a losing battle v figurative (do [sth] with little chance of success)  (fazer algo com pouca chance de sucesso)dar murro em ponta de faca loc vt
 The union is fighting a losing battle; management is going to outsource their jobs.
allow [sb] to do [sth] permitir que alguém faça algo
do all you can faça tudo o que puder
do as you please faça como você desejar
do everything you can faça tudo o que você puder
do the best you can faça o melhor que puder
do what you like faça o que você quiser
do your best faça o seu melhor
do your duty faça a sua tarefa
do your part faça a sua parte
double-edged sword faca de dois gumes
just do something apenas faça alguma coisa
knife and fork garfo e faca
knife's edge fio da faca
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