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faculdade sfcollege nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
   (capacidade, natural ou adquirida)faculty nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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school n (college)faculdade sf
 I go to school at the University of Virginia.
 Eu faço faculdade na Universidade de Virginia.
college n (faculty and students)  (faculdade e alunos)faculdade sf
 The whole college protested when tuition fees went up.
college n (university divisions)  (divisões da universidade)faculdade sf
 This university comprises three colleges: engineering, arts and sciences, and medicine.
 A universidade compreende três faculdades: Engenharia, Artes e Medicina.
college n (small university)  (pequena universidade)faculdade sf
 She went to the local college and got a degree in psychology.
 Ela foi para a faculdade local e obteve um diploma em Psicologia.
college n (higher education in general)  (curso superior em geral)faculdade sf
 Did you go to college or start working after high school?
 Você foi para a faculdade ou começou a trabalhar depois do ensino médio?
faculty n (university, school)Faculdade sf
power n (faculty)  (aptidão física ou mental)faculdade, capacidade sf
 He had the power to hear even the softest sounds.
seminary n (private school)  (escola privada)academia, faculdade sf
engineering school n (institution where engineering is taught)faculdade da engenharia loc sf
law school n (university where law degrees are taught)faculdade de direito loc sf
 He graduated from law school with full honours.
medical school n (university where medical degrees are taught)faculdade de medicina loc sf
 I want to be a doctor so I will have to spend many years at medical school.
community college n (higher and adult education institution)  (EUA: Instituto de Ensino Superior Especial)faculdade comunitária loc sf
 You can save thousands of dollars by taking courses at a community college before attending university.
dental school n (institution that trains dentists)faculdade de odontologia loc sf
faculty n ([sb]: ability)faculdade, capacidade sf
faculty npl (ability to think)faculdade, capacidade sf
alma mater escola, colégio ou faculdade onde alguém estudou e formou-se
college graduate graduado na faculdade
college of architecture faculdade de arquitetura
college of engineering faculdade de engenharia
college of liberal arts faculdade de artes liberais
college of music faculdade de música
college student estudante de faculdade
college-prep preparatório para faculdade
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