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Traduções principais
faixa sfband, strip, stripe nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
banner n (cloth sign fixed in place)faixa sf
 The Italian restaurant on the corner put up a new banner.
crossing n (place to cross road) (para pedestres)faixa sf
 That sign marks a pedestrian crossing.
sash n (clothing: decorative band) (roupas: faixa decorativa)faixa sf
  cinturão sm
 Her blouse had a sash that kept falling off.
truss n (surgical support)faixa, cinta, funda sf
 The doctor used a truss to stabilize the hernia.
band n (strip or strap)faixa, atadura sf
 He tied a band of cotton around his arm to stop the bleeding.
 Ele amarrou uma faixa (or: atadura) de algodão em torno do braço para estancar o sangue.
flag n (banner)faixa sf
 We put a flag outside the house to announce the baby.
bracket n (range)faixa sf
  categoria sf
 In the twelve-to-fourteen age bracket, there are ten competitors.
sash n (military: symbol of rank) (militarismo: símbolo de posição)faixa sf
 The ranks are distinguished by different colours of sash.
banner n (sign carried in procession)faixa sf
  cartaz sm
 The gay rights group carried banners at the parade.
sash n (band worn by winner) (faixa usada por vencedor)faixa sf
 The winner ran around the field, wearing her red sash.
track n (piece of recorded music, song) (de disco)faixa sf
 The hit song was the third track on the CD.
swathe n (band, strip of fabric)faixa, bandagem sf
 Harry wrapped his ankle in a swath of gauze.
Traduções complementares
bar n (line) (cartão)fita sf
  (cartão)barra sf
  faixa sf
  listra sf
 Place your bank card so the side showing the bar is uppermost.
track n (recording track on a cassette) (de disco)faixa sf
 Years ago, people used to listen to eight track tapes.
band n (land) (de terra)faixa sf
 There is a thin band of land between the two rivers.
strip n (stripe, band) (listra)faixa, banda sf
 The strip of yellow paint in the middle of the road is not a motorcycle lane!
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Formas compostas:
age group n (people in age range)faixa etária loc sf
 The Baby Boomers are the age group that was born after World War II.
band n (rubber band)borrachinha de dinheiro, faixa elástica loc sf
  atilho sm
 He put a rubber band around the papers.
belt n (elongated area, strip of land)faixa de terra loc sf
black belt n (martial arts: highest rank)faixa preta loc sf
black belt n figurative (martial arts: expert)faixa preta loc sf
 You'd better watch out, he's a black belt in karate.
blue belt n (martial arts rank)faixa azul loc sf
  cinturão azul loc sm
blue belt n ([sb] with blue belt rank)faixa azul loc sf
  cinturão azul loc sm
 Don't threaten him; he's a blue belt in karate.
brown belt n (karate rank) (BRA)faixa marrom loc sf
  (POR)cinturão castanho loc sm
 It took me three years to earn my brown belt.
brown belt n (karate student)faixa marrom loc sf
  cinturão castanho loc sm
 I wouldn't mess with her if I were you, she's a brown belt.
chin strap n (fastening: on headgear)cinto jugular loc sm
  faixa de queixo loc sf
 If your helmet doesn't fit, you can adjust the chin strap to make it tighter or looser.
crosswalk n US (pedestrian crossing)faixa de pedestres loc sf
 The city is planning to repaint all of the crosswalks to make them more visible.
cycle lane n (path for cyclists)faixa de ciclista loc sf
foreshore n (part of shore between low and high tides)faixa de praia loc sf
foreshore n (area between body of water and cultivated land)faixa de praia loc sf
jaywalking n US, informal (crossing road at wrong point)travessia de rua fora da faixa loc sf
  travessia de rua de forma indevida loc sf
 Jaywalking may seem like a minor crime, but it can lead to serious traffic accidents.
salary range n (pay scale)faixa salarial sf
soundtrack n (film: audio track) (filme)faixa sonora loc sf
sweatband n (fabric strip that absorbs sweat)faixa anti-transpirante loc sf
 Many of the runners in the race wore colorful sweatbands around their heads.
tax bracket n (level of income for tax purposes) (nível de receita para pagamento de impostos)faixa salarial loc sf
working range n (degree of coverage)faixa de trabalho loc sf
zebra crossing n UK (place to cross road)faixa de pedestres loc sf
 You should have crossed at the zebra crossing rather than here.
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