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Traduções principais
falar vtspeak, talk viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
  say vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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Traduções principais
speak vi (talk)falar v int
 The teacher demanded that the student speak.
 O professor exigiu que o aluno falasse.
talk vi (speak)conversar v int
  falar v int
 I'm glad I met you. Can we talk? She talks to her pets even though they can't respond.
 Eu me alegro de encontrar você. Podemos conversar? Ela conversa com seus animais mesmo sabendo que eles não respondem.
 This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Ela não gosta de falar ao telefone.
talk to [sb] vi + prep (speak to, address)falar v int
  conversar v int
 She talks to her pets even though they can't respond.
speak vi (two or more people) (duas ou mais pessoas)falar v int
 They spoke for many hours on the phone.
 Elas falaram por muitas horas ao telefone.
get through vi phrasal (reach [sb]: on phone) (figurado, pelo telefone)falar vt
 After several attempts to call Yolanda, I eventually managed to get through.
 Depois de algumas tentativas de ligar para Iolanda, eu finalmente consegui falar com ela.
spit [sth] out,
spit out [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
figurative, informal (bring yourself to say) (figurado)vomitar vt
  falar vt
  dizer vt
 He knew she would spit out the truth sooner or later.
speak vtr (a language) (uma língua)falar vt
 Do you speak English?
 Você fala inglês?
mention [sth] to [sb] vtr + prep (speak of)falar vt
  alertar vt
 Did you mention the car problem to James?
 Você falou para o James do problema no carro?
Traduções complementares
speak vi (express oneself)falar v int
 Don't keep your opinion to yourself: speak!
speak vi (have the podium)discursar, falar v int
 The president is the next person to speak.
speak vi (communicate) (comunicar)falar v int
 She really knows how to speak.
speak vi (convey a message)falar v int
 Actions speak louder than words.
talk vi informal (reveal secrets)falar v int
 After four hours of interrogation, the witness finally talked.
talk vi colloquial (exclamation of disgust)falar v int
 Talk about a stupid thing to do! I can't believe you did that!
shoot vi slang (speak) (emitir opinião)falar, dizer v int
 I want to hear your opinion. When you're ready, shoot.
address [sb] vtr (speak to)dirigir-se vp
  falar vt
 The teacher addressed the cleverest boy in the class.
speak vtr (tell)falar, contar vt
 The guilty man decided to speak the truth.
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Formas compostas:
backbiting n informal, figurative (slander) (informal)falar mal pelas costas loc verb
  (formal)calúnia sf
 Backbiting and gossip in the locker room are destroying the team.
be like talking to a brick wall v expr figurative, informal (not be listened to) (figurado)falar com as paredes
 Talking to Esther is like talking to a brick wall; neither one will listen!
 Falar com a Érica é como falar com as paredes; ela não ouve!
blurt vtr (say on impulse) (dizer num impulso)deixar escapar loc vt
  falar sem pensar loc vt
drawl vi (speak slowly)falar arrastadamente loc v int
 My grandpa is from the country and drawls when he speaks.
dwell on [sth],
dwell upon
vi + prep
(speak extensively about)falar muito sobre loc verb
  (figurado, formal)demorar-se em vp + prep
 In her lecture, the professor dwelt a great deal on the similar themes in the two texts.
eff vi UK, slang (use profanities) (gíria)xingar v int
  falar palavrão loc v int
flannel vi (talk emptily)falar abobrinhas loc v int
give [sb] a piece of your mind v expr (scold [sb] harshly) (figurado: repreender, discutir)falar umas verdades para alguém loc verb
go on and on about vtr slang (talk incessantly about)falar incessantemente, continuamente v int
 She went on and on about the various celebrities she'd met.
hear talk of [sth] v (hear a rumour of [sth](ouvir rumores sobre algo)ouvir falar de loc vt
  saber de loc vt
  ouvir vt
 They say they're still married but we have heard talk of a secret divorce.
hear talk of [sth] v (hear [sth] mentioned)ouvir falar de loc vt
  ter conhecimento de loc vt
  saber vt
 We hear talk that he keeps a mistress in Brooklyn.
hold forth vi (talk at length)falar sem parar loc v int
 Prince Charles could hold forth for hours on the subject of architecture.
let alone vtr (without mentioning)sem falar em, para não dizer loc vt
 I can't even fit into the medium size, let alone the small size.
pop off vi phrasal (speak thoughtlessly)falar sem pensar loc v int
 He couldn't keep himself from popping off to his boss, and was finally fired.
pour out vtr figurative (speak without restraint) (fig., falar sem restrições)despejar vt
  falar sem parar loc v int
 He often comes to me to pour out his troubles.
put through vtr phrasal sep (connect to [sb] on phone) (conectar a alguém por telefone)pôr na linha loc vt
  conectar com loc vt
  pôr para falar com loc vt
 I'll put you through to the switchboard.
quaver vi (speak in trembling voice)tremular v int
  falar com voz trêmula loc v int
  gaguejar v int
 Mary quavered as she struggled not to cry.
rabbit on vi phrasal UK, slang (talk incessantly) (falar incessantemente)matraquear v int
  falar como um papagaio loc v int
  falar como maritaca loc v int
 Brian never stops rabbiting on.
refuse to talk v (withhold information) (reter informações)recusar-se a falar loc vp
 Despite spending hours being interrogated by the police, he refused to talk.
scissor vtr (clip, cut) (com tesoura)cortar, tesourar, recortar vt
  (coloquial)falar mal loc vt
slip vi figurative (mention [sth] accidentally)falar acidentalmente loc v int
 He slipped by telling them where their daughter was.
slur vi (talk indistinctly)balbuciar v int
  (informal)falar enrolado loc verb
 Adam had been drinking for hours and now he was slurring.
speak vi (be on good terms)falar-se vp
 The two brothers are not speaking.
sputter [sth] vtr (stutter, say inarticulately)gaguejar vt
  falar atabalhoadamente loc vt
  falar desarticuladamente loc vt
  falar precipitadamente loc vt
 "You-you can't!" the mayor sputtered.
take aside vtr phrasal sep (talk to privately) (conversar de forma privada)conversar de forma privada vt
  falar secretamente vt
  (informal)chamar de lado vt
 My dad took me aside and told me I'd better not do that again.
talk dirty vi slang (use lewd sexual language) (usar linguagem chula e sexual)dizer sacanagem loc v int
  (usar de linguagem chula)falar bobagens loc vt
 I like it when you talk dirty to me.
talk [sth] down vtr phrasal sep UK, figurative (speak disparagingly of)falar de forma condescendente loc vt
  tratar de modo superior loc v int
  falar de forma paternalista loc vt
talk down to vtr phrasal 3-part (speak condescendingly to)falar de forma condescendente com loc vt
  falar de forma paternalista loc vt
Talk is cheap expr (It is easier to speak about [sth] than to do it) (é mais fácil falar do que fazer)falar é fácil exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
talk of vtr phrasal insep (discuss possibility of) (discutir a possibilidade de)falar em loc vt
  falar de loc vt
 They talk of invading that country.
talk of vtr phrasal insep (speak about)falar de loc vt
talk on vtr phrasal insep (speak publicly about) (falar publicamente sobre)falar sobre loc vt
  dissertar sobre loc vt
 I'm going to talk on American literature next Thursday.
talk over vtr phrasal insep (speak more loudly than) (falar mais alto que)falar por cima loc vt
 I hate it when people talk over me at meetings.
talk rubbish v informal (say [sth] nonsensical or ill informed) (dizer algo sem sentido ou desinformado)falar bobagem loc v int
  dizer besteira loc v int
talk shop v figurative (discuss work)falar de trabalho loc vt
talk to [sb] vi + prep (speak to, address)falar com loc vt
  conversar com loc vt
talk to [sb] vtr phrasal insep (scold)conversar com loc vt
  falar com loc vt
talk together vi phrasal (converse) (conversar com)falar com loc vt
  conversar com loc vt
talk too much vi (speak excessively) (falar excessivamente)falar demais loc v int
  falar pelos cotovelos loc v int
 She talks too much … and most of what she says is rubbish.
talk up vi phrasal informal (speak more loudly)falar mais alto loc v int
  gritar v int
talk up vtr phrasal sep informal (promote)promover vt
  falar bem loc vt
tear apart vtr phrasal sep figurative (give negative opinions of) (dar opiniões negativas sobre)arrasar vt
  criticar vt
  (informal)falar mal de loc vt
 The art critic just tore apart the painting.
tear down vtr phrasal sep informal, figurative (criticize harshly) (criticar duramente)criticar vt
  arrasar vt
  (informal)falar mal de loc vt
tell of vtr phrasal insep (recount) (contar)falar sobre vt
  relatar vt
tell the truth v (be honest) (ser honesto)dizer a verdade loc v int
  falar a verdade loc v int
 If a woman asks if you can guess her age, never tell her the truth!
twitter vi figurative (person: talk inanely) (figurativo)chilrear, palrar v int
  falar insensatamente loc v int
 No matter what we're discussing in class, Joanne always starts twittering about her personal life.
UK, informal (talk aimlessly) (informal)falar abobrinha loc v int
  jogar conversa fora loc v int
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