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farol smlighthouse, beacon nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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light n (car: headlight)  (carro)farol sm
 When it got dark, he turned the car's lights on.
flashlight n (beacon)farol sm
  holofote do farol loc sm
(light at front of a vehicle)  (veículo: luz de frente)farol sm
bunkum n (nonsense)  (conversa destinada a iludir e impressionar)farol sm
beacon n (form lighthouse)farol sm
lighthouse n (for navigation)farol sm
headlight n (vehicle's front light)  (de carro)farol dianteiro loc sm
shill n slang ([sb] planted to lure custom)  (gíria: pessoa para atrair clientes)chamariz, farol sm
lightship n (floating beacon)farol flutuante loc sm
fog light n (vehicle's headlight for foggy conditions)  (auto:)farol de neblina loc sm
 I use my fog lights so rarely that I can never remember where the switch is.
guiding light n figurative ([sb] who inspires or leads)  (fig., pessoa que inspira)farol, fanal sm
 Nelson Mandela was a guiding light for South Africa, during a very difficult time in the country's history.
landing lights npl (aircraft lights used when landing)farol de aterrissagem loc sf
 The pilot switched on the landing lights on the approach to the airport.
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