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favor smfavor n
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turn n (service or disservice) desserviçofavor sm
 His former partner did him a bad turn.
for prep (in favour of)a favor, em prol loc adv
 He was for the plan, but his wife was against it.
 Ele estava a favor (or: em prol) do plano, mas a sua esposa era contra.
in adv (in favour with [sb])no favor loc adv
 nas graças loc adv
 He's always in with the bosses.
please interj (request) requisitopor favor interj
 Could I go to the beach, please?
 Eu poderia ir à praia, por favor?
please interj (indignation) indignaçãopor favor interj
 Please! I've had enough of your nonsense today!
 Por favor! Eu já aturei muita besteira hoje!
favor n US (helpful act)favor, auxílio sm
 gentileza sf
yea n ([sb] who votes yes) que vota a favoreleitor a favor loc sm
downwind adv (in same direction as the wind)a favor do vento loc adv
could you please...? (politely requesting [sb] to do [sth])você poderia, por favor..? expres
 Could you please tell me where the bathroom is?
do me the favour of interj (please would you)faça-me o favor de interj
 Kindly do me the favour of not turning your back on me when I'm talking to you!
be in favor of, UK: be in favour of vtr US (agree with, support) apoiarser a favor de loc vt
 We were all in favor of the changes, and voted for the measure.
ask [sb] a favor v US (request that [sb] do [sth] out of kindness)pedir um favor a alguém loc vt
 May I ask you a favor? Could you please water my garden while I'm out of town?
do [sb] a favor, UK: do [sb] a favour v US (do [sth] for [sb] out of kindness)fazer um favor a loc vt
 Will you do me a favour and post this letter for me?
be for vtr phrasal insep (be in favour of)ser a favor de loc vt
all for ser a favor
put in a good word for interceder por
 intervir a favor de alguém ou algo
speak up for defender
 falar em favor de
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