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fechar vtclose vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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close [sth]
(shut)fechar vt
 Please close the window.
 Por favor, feche a janela.
close [sth]
(join, unite)  (unir)fechar vt
 The people closed the circle by joining hands.
close [sth]
informal (make a sale)  (negócio)fechar vt
 The salesman hopes to close the deal today.
close [sth]
(cease operations)  (encerrar atividades)fechar vt
 The company closed the factory on Christmas day.
close vi (become shut)fechar v int
 The door slowly closed.
close vi (unite)  (circuito)fechar vt
 The power came on when the circuit closed.
close vi (end)  (terminar)fechar v int
 The proceedings closed on time.
close vi (cease to operate)  (encerrar atividades)fechar v int
 My favourite restaurant closed.
close vi (store: cease trading)fechar v int
 The store closed at nine pm.
 A loja fechava às nove horas.
close vi (end performances)fechar v int
 The play closes on Monday.
close vi (financial: market day end)  (mercado financeiro)fechar v int
 The market closed on a high today.
close down
(cause business to cease operating)  (negócios)fechar vt
 The Women's Anti-Exploitation League vowed to close down the porno shop.
cut in vi phrasal (vehicle: move suddenly in front)  (veículo: cortar na frente)dar uma fechada loc vt
  fechar vt
 The vehicle cut in front of me.
clasp vtr (use clasp)  (fecho)fechar vt
shut vtr (close)fechar vt
zip vtr (a zipper)  (o fecho)fechar vt
close up close
cloud cover   (o tempo)fechar
close [sth]
(fill, fill in)fechar, terminar vt
 The builders closed the wall with the last brick.
close [sth]
(block, prevent access to)fechar, bloquear vt
 Workers have closed the road.
close [sth]
(finalize)encerrar, fechar vt
 Let's close the negotiations now.
 Vamos encerrar (or: fechar) as negociações aqui.
closet vtr (close in, isolate)  (em aposento ou gabinete)fechar, isolar vt
 The cardinals were closeted at the Vatican until the Pope was elected.
clinch vtr (deal: secure, settle)  (negócio: )fechar acordo loc vt
button up vi (keep silent about [sth])  (manter-se em silêncio)fechar a boca loc vt
 I'm going to button up my lips about the missing cookies.
check out
(sign out of: hotel, etc.)  (literal)fechar a conta
Note: hyphen used when term is adj or noun
 At this hotel, you must check out by 11:00 am or pay for another day.
check out
slang, euphemism (die)  (gíria, eufemismo - morrer)fechar a conta, bater as botas
close the door on vtr figurative (rule out, exclude)  (excluir)fechar a porta para
 The politician's latest comments, unfortunately, closed the door on a peace agreement between the two countries.
close the door on vtr literal (on [sb]: shut door to exclude)fechar a porta para
close your eyes v literal (shut your eyelids)  (literal)fechar os olhos
 When you feel stressed, just relax, close your eyes and take deep breaths.
close your eyes vi figurative (ignore [sth])  (figurativo - ignorar)fechar os olhos
 Most families close their eyes to the fact that they're responsible for their children's failure.
 She'll never get help if you continue to close your eyes to what she's doing.
do up vtr informal (zip, buttons: fasten)abotoar, fechar o zíper
 Come on honey, let grandma do up your coat.
heal itself vi (injury: get better)  (ferimento:)sarar v int
   (ferimento)cicatrizar-se, fechar-se vp
 It is true that with time a broken heart will heal itself.
lock in a rate v (fix a repayment rate so it does not fluctuate)fixar a taxa, fechar uma data loc vt
 Prequalifying for a loan allows you 30 days to lock in a rate.
make a sale v (salesperson: close a deal)  (vendedor)fechar a venda, fazer uma venda loc vt
 A good salesperson can make a sale even after the customer says no.
collapse down vtr phrasal sep (cause to fold together)dobrar, fechar vt
latch vi (fasten itself)fechar com trinco loc vt
latch vtr (fasten)fechar com trinco loc vt
padlock vtr (lock with padlock)  (fechar com cadeado)fechar com cadeado loc vt
shut vtr (close quickly)fechar, cerrar vt
shutdown vtr (computer, machine)fechar, desligar vt
shutter vtr (close shutters)fechar a persiana loc vt
slam vtr (door: close violently)  (porta)fechar com violência loc vt
zipper vi (zip, close with zipper)  (com o zíper)fechar com zíper loc vt
balance the books   (financeiro)fechar o balanço
clam up calar a boca
closing time hora de fechar
lock out fechar a porta
shut the door fechar a porta
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