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Traduções principais
fechar vtclose vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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Traduções principais
swing shut v expr (door: close) (porta)fechar vt
close down vi phrasal (business: cease trading) (negócios)fechar v int
 When the doctor was killed, the clinic was forced to close down.
 Quando o médico foi morto, a clínica se viu obrigada a fechar.
cut in vi phrasal (vehicle: move suddenly in front) (veículo: cortar na frente)dar uma fechada loc vt
  fechar vt
 The vehicle cut in front of me.
suspend operations vtr + npl (stop business activity) (encerrar as atividades comerciais)suspender as operações loc vt
  encerrar as atividades loc vt
  (informal)fechar vt
 After declaring bankruptcy the company suspended operations.
shut [sth] down,
shut down [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
(close: business operation) (negócio)fechar vt
 I plan to shut down the business next month.
tape on vtr phrasal sep (attach with sticky tape) (selar com fita adesiva)lacrar vt
  selar vt
  fechar vt
 I need you to tape the poster on the wall.
wall [sth/sb] in,
wall in [sth/sb]
vtr phrasal sep
figurative (enclose)fechar vt
  (informal)tampar vt
  cercar vt
 He used bricks to wall in the garden. The film star was walled in on all sides by his bodyguards.
screw [sth] back on [sth],
screw [sth] back onto [sth]
v expr
(twist back into place) (com tampa, rosquear)fechar vt
  rosquear vt
 If you don't screw the top back on the bottle, the ketchup will congeal.
shut down vi phrasal (cease to operate) (parar de operar)encerrar vt
  fechar vt
broker [sth] vtr (deal) (acordo)negociar vt
  fechar vt
 The film studio managed to broker a deal with the agent for a major Hollywood star.
shut [sth] vtr (close)fechar vt
 It was getting cold, so Mike shut the window.
close [sth] out vtr phrasal sep US (account: terminate) (conta)encerrar vt
  fechar vt
close [sth] down vtr phrasal sep (prevent [sth] from operating) (negócios)fechar vt
 The Women's Anti-Exploitation League vowed to close down the porno shop.
 A Liga Contra a Exploração das Mulheres jurou fechar a loja de pornô.
collapse down vtr phrasal sep (cause to fold together)dobrar, fechar vt
discontinue vi (come to an end)descontinuar viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
  acabar viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
  fechar viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
 I'm sad to see that their website is discontinuing.
shut up vi phrasal (close premises) (estabelecimento comercial)fechar v int
 The club owners shut up because of complaints about the noise at all hours of the night.
fasten [sth] vtr (clothing: do up)fechar vt
 Adam fastened the buttons of his shirt.
close [sth] out vtr phrasal sep (sport: bring to end) (esporte: acabar o jogo)fechar vt
  acabar vt
 The team closed the game out with a goal in the final minute to win 3-1.
quit [sth] vtr (exit: a computer program) (programa de computador)fechar vt
 Quit Word before you shut down your computer.
shut [sth] up vtr phrasal sep (close: premises) (estabelecimento comercial)fechar v int
 Patel was shutting the shop up when the two men attacked him.
close up vi phrasal (shop: shut) (loja)fechar vt
 He closed up and counted the day's takings.
close vi (become shut)fechar v int
 The door slowly closed.
close [sth] vtr (shut)fechar vt
 Please close the window.
 Por favor, feche a janela.
Traduções complementares
to adv informal (closed)fechado adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  fechar vt
 When night fell, she pulled the shutters to.
close vi (end) (terminar)fechar v int
 The proceedings closed on time.
close vi (cease to operate) (encerrar atividades)fechar v int
 My favourite restaurant closed.
close vi (store: cease trading)fechar v int
 The store closed at nine pm.
 A loja fechava às nove horas.
close vi (end performances)fechar v int
 The play closes on Monday.
close vi (financial: market day end) (mercado financeiro)fechar v int
 The market closed on a high today.
balance vi (have equal debits and credits) (financeiro)fechar v int
 I start to worry when my chequebook doesn't balance.
headline vi (be the star, have top billing) (figurado, festival de música)fechar v int
 Tim knew his band had made it when they got to headline at a music festival.
close [sth] vtr (fill in)fechar, firmar vt
 The builders closed the wall with the last brick.
close [sth] vtr (block)fechar, bloquear vt
 Workers have closed the road.
close [sth] vtr (join, unite)fechar vt
 The people closed the circle by joining hands.
close [sth] vtr (finalize)encerrar, fechar vt
 Let's close the negotiations now.
 Vamos encerrar as negociações aqui.
close [sth] vtr informal (make a sale)fechar vt
 The salesman hopes to close the deal today.
close [sth] vtr (cease operations)fechar vt
 The company closed the factory on Christmas day.
complete [sth] vtr UK (make a sale) (contrato)fechar vt
 We have exchanged contracts, and are due to complete on the house next week.
closet [sth/sb] vtr (close in, isolate)fechar, isolar vt
 The cardinals were closeted at the Vatican until the Pope was elected.
double [sth] vtr (fists: clench) (os punhos)fechar vt
 Adam doubled his fists as his attacker drew near.
roll [sth] down,
roll down [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
(window shade: close)fechar vt
 Barbara rolled down the window shade.
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Formas compostas:
button up about [sth] vi phrasal + prep figurative, slang (keep silent) (figurado)fechar a boca loc vt
 You'd better button up about the missing cookies.
 É melhor você fechar a boca a respeito dos biscoitos que sumiram.
check out vi phrasal (hotel: sign out)fechar a conta expres v
 At this hotel, you must check out by 11:00 am or pay for another day.
check out vi phrasal US, figurative, slang, euphemism (die) (gíria, eufemismo - morrer)fechar a conta, bater as botas expres v
 There were rumors that the crime boss had checked out some time ago.
clam up vi phrasal slang (be unable to speak) (gíria)calar-se vp
  (gíria)fechar-se vp
 Once he realizes everyone is listening to him, he will clam up.
clinch vtr (deal: secure, settle) (negócio)fechar acordo expres v
close in vi phrasal (pursuit: get closer)apertar o cerco expres v
  fechar o cerco expres v
 The enemy is closing in on our troups.
close the door on [sth] v expr figurative (rule out, exclude) (figurado)fechar a porta para loc vt
 The politician's latest comments, unfortunately, closed the door on a peace agreement between the two countries.
close the door on [sb] vtr (on [sb]: shut door to exclude)fechar a porta para loc vt
close up vi phrasal (wound: heal) (ferida)fechar-se v p
 The wound will gradually close up over time.
close your eyes v expr (shut your eyelids)fechar os olhos loc vt
 When you feel stressed, just relax, close your eyes and take deep breaths.
close your eyes to [sth] v expr figurative (ignore [sth](figurado)fechar os olhos loc vt
  ignorar vt
 Most families close their eyes to the fact that they're responsible for their children's failure.
closing time n (hour when a business closes)hora de fechar sf
 The closing time of most shops in the city centre is between 5pm & 8pm.
crack down vi phrasal informal (enforce laws)fazer valer a lei expres v
  fechar o cerco expres v
 The police will no longer tolerate public drunkenness; they're going to crack down.
crack down on [sth] vtr phrasal insep informal (not tolerate)fechar o cerco expres v
 The principal is starting to crack down on unexcused absences.
crack down on [sb] vi phrasal + prep informal (punish)fechar o cerco expres v
 Every holiday, police set up checkpoints to crack down on drunk drivers.
do up vtr informal (zip, buttons: fasten)abotoar, fechar o zíper
 Come on honey, let grandma do up your coat.
early closing adj (shop closure: earlier than usual)de fechar mais cedo expres
 Wednesday's early closing day in my hometown.
fasten [sth] vtr (close securely, lock)fechar bem loc verb
  trancar vt
 The farmer fastened the gate behind her.
frown vi US (make a sad face)franzir o rosto expres v
  (informal)ficar emburrado expres v
  (figurado, informal)fechar a cara expres v
 There's no need to frown; cheer up!
get the check expr US (restaurant: request the bill) (restaurante: pedir a conta)pedir a conta expres v
  (informal)fechar a conta expres v
 If no one wants dessert let's call the waitress and get the check.
heal itself vi (injury: get better) (ferimento)sarar v int
  (ferimento)cicatrizar-se, fechar-se vp
 It is true that with time a broken heart will heal itself.
hold your tongue,
bite your tongue
v expr
idiom (keep silent)calar-se v p
  fechar a boca vt
 You must hold your tongue and not tell your mother-in-law what you really think of her cooking.
latch [sth] vtr (door: fasten)trancar vt
  fechar o trinco loc verb
 Mike latched the door on his way out.
latch vi (fasten itself)fechar com trinco loc vt
 The door latched as it swung shut.
lock in a rate v expr (fix an interest rate)fixar a taxa, fechar uma data loc vt
 Prequalifying for a loan allows you 30 days to lock in a rate.
look the other way v expr (look in the opposite direction) (figurado)fazer vista grossa expres
  (figurado)fechar os olhos expres
 Don't just look to your right when you cross the street; look the other way as well.
look the other way v expr figurative (ignore [sth] bad) (figurado)fazer vista grossa expres
  (figurado)fechar os olhos expres
 That judge looks the other way when members of his own staff commit minor crimes.
loop vtr (complete a circuit) (eletricidade)fechar circuito loc verb
 The electrician looped the wires through the device.
make a sale v (salesperson: close a deal) (vendedor)fechar a venda, fazer uma venda loc vt
 A good salesperson can make a sale even after the customer says no.
padlock [sth] vtr (lock with padlock) (fechar com cadeado)fechar com cadeado loc vt
 Remember to padlock the gate before you leave.
seal the deal v expr informal (make an agreement official)selar um acordo expres v
  fechar um contrato expres v
 I'm hoping to seal the deal when we meet the seller of the property tomorrow.
seal [sth] up,
seal up [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
(make water- or air-tight)selar vt
  lacrar vt
  fechar hermeticamente expres v
 When making preserves it is important to seal up the jars to prevent air getting in and contaminating the fruit.
shut it down v expr (business, etc.: force it to close) (comércio)obrigar a fechar expres v
 For lack of sales he had to shut it down.
shut the door v expr figurative (put up a barrier) (figurado, impedir)fechar a porta expres
 He failed his entrance exam, which has shut the door on him becoming a lawyer.
shut your eyes v expr (close your eyelids) (fechar os olhos)fechar os olhos expres v
 I have a big surprise for you, so shut your eyes and I'll bring it in.
shut your eyes,
shut your eyes to [sth],
close your eyes to [sth]
v expr
figurative (ignore [sth](ignorar algo)fechar os olhos para expres v
 She shut her eyes to her husband's activities.
shutter [sth] vtr (close shutters)fechar a persiana loc vt
 Bill shuttered his shop before going home for dinner.
stick to one's guns v expr figurative, slang (not change one's mind) (não mudar a mente)prender-se aos próprios conceitos expres v
  (informal)fechar a mente expres v
zipper [sth] vtr US (close with a zip)fechar com zíper vt
 Grace zippered her bag shut.
zipper [sth] up (US),
zip [sth] up (UK)
vtr phrasal sep
(close with a zip fastener)fechar o zíper expres
 Zip up your jacket!
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