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feijão smbean nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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bean n (food)feijão sm
  vagem sf
beansprout n (edible shoot of a mungbean)  (comestível)broto de feijão loc sm
haricot n (kidney bean)feijão-branco sm
pinto n US, abbr (pinto bean)feijão roxinho loc sm
black bean n (Latin American bean)feijão preto loc sm
 Black beans with rice is a common dish in many Latin American countries.
black bean n (type of soybean)feijão preto loc sm
black-eyed pea n (cowpea: African plant)feijão-fradinho sm
 It is a tradition in the Southern US to eat black-eyed peas on New Year's Day for good luck in the coming year.
black-eyed pea n (seed of the cowpea plant)feijão-fradinho sm
kidney bean n (red-brown edible legume)feijão roxo loc sm
 The main ingredients of chilli con carne are minced beef and kidney beans.
middle of the road
figurative (average, mediocre)  (figurativo - mediano, comum)feijão com arroz expres
 The band abandoned their experimental tendencies for a middle-of-the-road sound in an effort to sell more records.
mung bean n (small green legume)feijão-da-china sm
 Mung beans are easy to sprout.
 When preparing chop suey in the San Francisco style, the sprouts of the mung bean are called for.
baked beans npl US (beans baked in molasses tomato sauce)  (feijoada à moda de Boston)feijão assado loc sm
 In Quebec we eat baked beans for breakfast.
bean sprouts broto de feijão
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