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ferro smiron nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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iron n (chemistry: element)ferro sm
 Fe is the chemical symbol for iron.
 Fe é o símbolo químico para o ferro.
iron n (metal)ferro sm
 It was made of wrought iron.
 Era feito de ferro forjado.
iron n (medicine: anaemia treatment)  (medicina: tratamento para anemia)ferro sm
 She was put on a course of iron for anaemia.
 Ela foi colocada num tratamento de anemia à base de ferro.
brand n (branding iron)ferro para marcar gado loc sm
 The brand was hot and ready to mark the cattle.
road n (railroad)  (via férrea)estrada de ferro loc sf
  via férrea loc sf
 The train takes the road from Paris to Lyons.
tool n (dupe, manipulated person)  (pessoa manipulada)instrumento sm
  testa de ferro loc sf
 The protesters were seen as tools of the union bosses.
railroad n (railway tracks)estrada de ferro loc sf
figurehead n figurative (leader without power)  (líder sem poder)títere sm
  testa-de-ferro sm
grating adj (grid, grate)grade sf
  barras de ferro loc sf
junkyard n (scrapyard)  (depósito)ferro-velho sm
crampon n (climber's iron spike)  (guarnição de ferros pontiagudos )grampo sm
  gancho de ferro loc sm
historical (iron for pressing clothes heated by being placed on the stove)  (roupa)ferro de passar loc sm
(building: having triangular shape of a flatiron )  (edifício nesta forma)de ferro de passar loc adj
ironwood n (variety of hardwood tree)  (árvore de casca dura)pau-ferro sm
ironwood n (wood of the ironwood tree)pau-ferro sm
ironwork n (objects made from iron)  (objetos de ferro)ferro ornamental loc sm
thumbscrew n (torture device)  (instrumento de tortura)anjinhos sm pl
  anéis de ferro loc sm
cast iron,
(iron that is moulded)ferro fundido
Note: hyphen used when term is adj before a noun
cast iron,
(made of cast iron)de ferro fundido
 He cooked the eggs in his trusty cast-iron skillet.
Iron Curtain n figurative (ideological separation between Soviet Union and the West)cortina de ferro loc sf
 During the 1950s it was very difficult for Westerners to travel behind the Iron Curtain.
iron curtain n figurative (ideological separation)cortina de ferro loc sf
 I've no idea what they're planning: they've put up an iron curtain of secrecy in recent weeks.
iron will n (stubbornness, determination)vontade de ferro loc sf
 She governs the country with an iron will.
galvanized iron ferro galvanizado
in irons a ferro
iron hand mão de ferro
iron lung pulmão de ferro
pig iron ferro-gusa
with an iron hand com mão de ferro
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