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Traduções principais
ficar vtstay, remain vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
  last, endure viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
  become, turn, get vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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Traduções principais
stay vi (remain) (permanecer)ficar v int
 I'd like you to stay.
 Gostaria que você ficasse.
stick around vi phrasal informal (stay) (ficar)ficar vt
  permanecer por perto loc vt
stay behind vi phrasal (remain)ficar v int
  ficar para trás expres v
 You go on ahead; I'll stay behind.
remain vi (stay behind) (não ir)ficar v int
 He went out, while she remained at home.
 Ele saiu, enquanto ela ficou em casa.
stay vi (wait) (esperar)ficar, permanecer v int
 Stay here and don't move.
belong vi (be properly placed)ficar vt
 The chair belongs by the table.
 A cadeira fica bem ao lado da mesa.
go vi (with adjective: become)ficar v int
 I think I'm going crazy.
 Acho que estou ficando louco.
grow vi (+ adj: become)ficar vt
 We soon grew tired of her temper tantrums.
 Logo ele ficou cansado das mudanças de humor dela.
stay vtr (remain for)ficar vt
 I asked her to stay the night.
 Eu pedi a ela para ficar à noite.
go vi (with adjective: act in a given way)ficar v int
 They went crazy when they heard the news.
 Eles ficaram loucos quando ouviram a novidade.
look vi (+ adj: appear) (aparência)ficar v pred
  parecer v pred
 Marina looks awful in that outfit.
come vi (reach a state, condition) (alcançar uma condição)tornar-se v p
  virar vt
  (verbo de ligação)ficar v pred
 How did you come to be a marine biologist?
 Como tu te tornaste uma bióloga marinha?
 Como tu viraste uma bióloga marinha?
 Esta camiseta não vai ficar limpa.
Traduções complementares
get vi informal (become) (tornar-se)ficar vt
 He got better once he took the medicine.
 Ele ficou melhor depois que tomou o remédio.
place vi (race horse: finish in given position) (informal: competição)ficar vt
  (formal: competição)obter colocação loc vt
 My horse placed third and I won two hundred dollars.
 Meu cavalo ficou em terceiro e eu ganhei duzentos dólares.
stay vi (endure)ficar v int
 I'm happy and I want to stay that way.
hang vi slang (stay, wait)ficar, esperar vt
 We are just going to hang here till the band arrives.
keep vtr (have custody of) (custódia)ficar vt
 She kept the children after the divorce.
turn [sth] vtr (change temperature) (mudar temperatura)ficar vt
 The day turned hot.
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Formas compostas:
breathe easy vi informal, figurative (be reassured)ficar tranquilo
 You can breathe easy again; we have solved the problem.
brown vi (make brown)ficar marrom loc v int
 The oak leaves browned and fell from the trees.
catch a cold v expr (contract cold virus)pegar um resfriado, ficar constipado loc v int
  constipar-se vp
 If you go out in this rain without a coat you're liable to catch a cold.
clog up vi phrasal (become blocked)ficar entupido, ficar obstruído vp
 If you put the cooking grease down the drain, the pipe will clog up.
 Se você verter o óleo de cozinha pelo dreno abaixo, os canos ficarão entupidos (or: ficarão obstruídos).
come face to face with vtr literal, figurative (be confronted by, meet [sb], [sth](ser confrontado por)ficar cara a cara com
 I knew that at some point, I would have to come face to face with my ex.
dwell vi informal (think too much about [sth](informal)ficar pensando loc verb
 I know what's happened is sad, but try not to dwell.
fall behind vi phrasal figurative (fail to keep up)ficar para trás, perder terreno loc v int
 If I don't study for two hours every night, I risk falling behind with my class work.
floor [sb] vtr figurative, informal, often passive (stun)pasmar, desconcertar vt
  ficar perplexo loc vt
 He was floored by the news that his boss had quit.
front [sth]
(face, look onto)frontear, defrontar vt
  ficar de frente loc vt
 This house fronts the courtyard.
gag on vtr (choke on, be unable to swallow)ficar atravessado na garganta loc vt
  engasgar, entalar vt
 I always gag on pills when I have to take them.
gain on vtr (catch up with)alcançar, emparelhar vt
  ficar a par de loc vt
 Drive faster - the police are gaining on us!
get drenched vi (become soaked) (molhar-se)ficar ensopado loc v int
 If you stand under that waterfall you will get drenched.
get engaged vi + adj (promise to marry)ficar noivo loc v int
 We've been dating for five years and are intending to get engaged soon.
get hooked on [sth] vi phrasal + prep figurative, slang (become addicted to [sth])ficar completamente viciado loc vt
 He'd gotten hooked on the new video game.
 Ele ficou completamente viciado no novo vídeo game.
get landed with vtr informal (be burdened with)ficar sobrecarregado com loc vt
 I always get landed with the worst jobs.
get left behind v expr (not keep up with others)ficar para trás loc v int
 Fit and experienced hikers should stay at the back of the group to ensure no-one gets left behind.
get left behind v expr figurative (not adapt quickly enough)ficar para trás loc v int
 I got left behind when the Digital Revolution started.
get pissed vi UK, slang (become drunk) (embriagar-se)ficar bêbado loc v int
  ficar bêbado loc v int
 I drank far too much last night and really got pissed.
get pissed vi US, slang (become angry) (informal: enraivecer-se)ficar fulo loc v int
 If you don't stop nagging me I'm going to get really pissed.
get soaked vi (be drenched) (ficar totalmente molhado)ficar ensopado loc vp
 I didn't think it was raining that hard, but I got soaked just going from my house to my car.
get tired v expr (become fatigued)ficar cansado loc v int
get worse and worse vi (continue to deteriorate) (continuar a piorar)ficar cada vez pior loc v int
 If we keep using fossil fuels global warming will get worse and worse.
go bald vi + adj (lose your hair)ficar careca loc v int
 The idea of going grey doesn't bother me, but I'd hate to go bald.
go crazy vi phrasal slang (lose sanity)ficar louco loc v int
 I think I'm going crazy: this morning I found my running shoes in the refrigerator.
go crazy vi phrasal slang (show great enthusiasm) (figurado)ficar louco loc v int
 They scored a winning goal at the last possible moment and the fans went crazy.
go mad vi + adj informal (lose one's sanity)ficar doido loc v int
 Sometimes he felt just as if he was going mad.
grow sickly vi (become prone to illness)enfraquecer-se vp
  ficar doente loc v int
keep in touch v expr informal (stay in contact)permanecer em contato, ficar em contato loc vt
  POR: permanecer em contacto, ficar em contacto loc vt
 Cousin Andrea kept in touch by sending packages from South America.
keep on vtr (clothes; continue to wear) (roupas)ficar vestido loc vt
 I always keep my shirt on, even at the beach.
keep quiet vi (not reveal a secret) (não revelar segredo)ficar calado, ficar quieto loc v int
 If I tell you my secret, can I trust you to keep quiet?
keep quiet vtr (prevent from making noise) (não fazer barulho)ficar quieto loc vt
 Please try to keep those children quiet - this is a house of prayer, not a playground!
keep quiet vi (remain quiet)ficar quieto loc v int
 I really didn't feel like arguing the point with the boss so I just kept quiet.
keep within the bounds vi literal (stay within boundaries: of a property) (literal - dentro dos limites de um terreno)ficar dentro dos limites loc v int
 Students must keep within the bounds of the school at all times during the day.
lag vi (fall behind in a race)ficar para trás loc verb
 Sean tripped and started to lag behind the pack.
lag vi figurative (fall behind in studies) (figurado)ficar para trás loc verb
  defasar-se vp
 Brad had to quit school because he was lagging behind in his studies.
learn vtr (ascertain)ficar sabendo loc vt
 After weeks of work, the detective finally learned who the killer was.
 Após semanas de trabalho, o detetive finalmente ficou sabendo quem era o assassino.
loosen vi (become less tight)afrouxar-se vp
  (informal)ficar folgado v pred + adj
 Dan's pants loosened as he lost weight.
lounge vi (waste time)ficar à toa loc verb
  vadiar v int
  (BR, gíria)enrolar v int
 Jim lounged around all day instead of working.
orphan vtr (deprive of parents)ficar órfão loc vt
  orfanar vt
pop out vi phrasal informal (protrude or bulge) (informal, projetar ou ficar protuberante)sair vt
  ficar saliente loc v int
 His stomach was popping out of his shirt - the buttons had come undone. The boy was so surprised that his eyes were popping out of his head.
quiet vi (be quiet)ficar quieto loc v int
 Quiet! People are taking a test.
sideline vtr figurative (push to one side) (figurado)ficar de lado loc vt
soak vi (be left in liquid)ficar de molho loc verb
 The casserole dish was hard to clean, so Ian left it to soak.
steep vi (soak)ficar de molho loc verb
 Linda put the stained shirt in the water and left it to steep.
trail behind [sb/sth] vi + prep (not go as fast as)ficar para trás loc v int
 On their walk, the older dog trailed behind the younger dog.
transpire vi formal (become known)ficar claro loc vt
 It transpired that two other people had already claimed the prize.
 Ficou claro que duas outras pessoas haviam reclamado o prêmio.
trap [sth/sb] vtr (catch, immobilize)ficar preso loc vt
 He was trapped beneath a wall that had collapsed.
 Ele ficou preso sob uma parede que havia caído.
wind [sb]
(leave breathless)ficar sem fôlego loc vt
 After so much running, the basketball player was winded and gasping for air.
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