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figura sf  (aparência)figure nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  picture nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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case n slang (strange person)  (gíria, pessoa esquisita)figura sf
 He's an odd case.
character n informal (odd person)  (gíria, pessoa excêntrica)figura sf
 Old Man Jenkins is quite a character.
figure n (personality, person with standing)  (pessoa importante)figura sf
 Being a public figure, he was criticised by many people.
figure n (drawing, sculpture)  (desenho)figura sf
 The figure drawn was that of a tree.
shape n (woman: figure)  (mulher)figura sf
 Yes, she has a nice shape.
face card n (playing cards: king, queen or jack)  (baralho: valete, dama, rei)figura sf
 The king, queen and jack are called face cards.
picture n (lines and shapes)figura sf
  quadro sm
form n (area: configuration)  (configuração)forma, figura sf
  feitio sm
 The artist did not care about colour, only about form.
figure n (bodily shape)figura, aparência sf
 The actress had a beautiful figure.
 A atriz tinha uma bela figura (or: aparência).
figure n (geometry)figura geométrica loc sf
 The students drew figures such as squares and triangles.
promote vtr (chess)  (xadrez)transformar em figura loc vt
 The pawn was promoted to queen.
oblong n (rectangle)figura oblonga loc sf
figurehead n (ship: carved figure)  (navio)figura de proa loc sf
   (brasileirismo)carranca sf
figuration n (giving [sth] a form)figuração sf
  configuração, figura, forma sf
human form n (human body or figure)figura humana loc sf
 Many aspects of the human form clearly show the close relationship of our species with the great apes.
leading figure n (important person)figura proeminente loc sf
mother figure n ([sb] maternal or nurturing)  (alguém maternal)figura da mãe loc sf
mother figure n (female guardian, woman fulfilling maternal role)  (símbolo da mãe)figura da mãe loc sf
authority figure n ([sb] who commands obedience)figura de autoridade loc sf
 My mother was the authority figure in our household.
figure of speech figura de discurso
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