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filhote descendant, nestling, puppy
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baby n (newborn animal)filhote sm
  cria sf
 The cow suckled her baby.
 A vaca amamentava o filhote.
 A vaca amamentava a cria.
young n (offspring)  (prole)filhote sm
 The lion's young drank their mother's milk.
cub n (young of dog, wildcat, bear)  ( de cachorro, gato selvagem, urso)filhote sm
cub n slang (young child, kid)  (criança jovem, familiar)filhote sm
doggie n informal (little dog, puppy)cachorrinho sm
  filhote sm
squab n (baby bird)  (de pássaro)filhote sm
whelp n (young animal, especially dog)  (animal jovem)filhote sm
whelp n (child, youth)  (criança (afetivo))filhote sm
calf n (baby animal)  (de animais grandes)filhote sm
chick n (baby bird)  (de ave)filhote sm
pup n (young seal)filhote de foca loc sm
scamp n informal (playful dog, puppy)  (cachorro)filhote brincalhão loc sm
joey n (baby kangaroo)filhote de canguru loc sm
literal (young bird ready to fly)filhote de pássaro loc sm
bear cub n (young of the bear, baby bear)filhote de urso loc sm
 Never get between a bear cub and its mother; she will attack you to protect her child.
lion cub n (baby lion)filhote de leão loc sm
 The lion cub will stay with the pride until it's old enough to hunt for itself.
dolphin pup n (sea mammal: baby dolphin)filhote de golfinho loc sm
puppy n (baby dog)cãozinho, filhote sm
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