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fogo smfire nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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fire n (combustion)  (combustão)fogo sm
 Fire produces heat and light.
 O fogo produz calor e luz.
fire n (ignition)fogo sm
 We need to set this wood on fire.
fire n (ardour)  (ardor)fogo sm
 She was full of fire and energy.
fire n (arduous trial)  (experiência árdua)fogo sm
 He went through fire to try to find her again.
light vtr (ignite)acender vt
  pôr fogo loc vt
 I will light the petrol to set off the fire.
 Eu vou acender o combustível para atear o fogo.
fire n (guns, firearms: shooting)  (descarga de armas de fogo)fogo, tiroteio sm
  fuzilaria sf
 He could hear the fire of guns nearby.
fire vtr (set sthg afire)incendiar, queimar vt
  pôr fogo loc vt
 They fired the big pile of rubbish they had collected.
fire vtr (supply fuel)  (suprir com combustível)pôr fogo loc vt
 You should fire the boiler with anthracite coal.
casserole vtr (stew in the oven)cozinhar em fogo baixo loc vt
fireworks n (pyrotechnic device)  (dispositivo)fogo de artifício loc sm
firewall n (fireproof wall)  (parede)guarda-fogo sm
firearm n (gun)arma de fogo loc sf
  revólver sm
flak n figurative (blame, criticism)  (crítica, figurado)fogo antiaéreo loc sm
wildfire n (out-of-control fire)fogo grego loc sm
UK: smoulder
US (burn slowly)  (EUA)arder a fogo lento loc v int
crossfire n literal (point where gunshots cross)fogo cruzado loc sm
crossfire n figurative (heated exchange of opinions)  (figurado)fogo cruzado loc sm
  discussão acalorada loc sf
fireproof adj (flame resistant)à prova de fogo loc adj
ceasefire n (truce, end to hostilities)cessar-fogo sm
firework n (pyrotechnic device)fogo de artifício loc sm
fireball n (ball of fire)bola de fogo loc sf
fireball n (fire sphere produced by nuclear explosion)bola de fogo loc sf
firelight n (light given off by a fire)luz do fogo loc sf
firepower n (weapons capability)potência de fogo loc sf
fireside n (area by a fireplace or hearth)pé do fogo loc sm
fireside adj (by a fireplace or hearth)ao pé do fogo loc adj
foxfire n (luminescent glow found in rotting wood)luminescência sf
  fogo-fátuo sm
acid test n figurative ([sth] crucial or decisive)prova de fogo loc sf
 The acid test in becoming a good cook is making a perfect soufflé.
ball of fire n literal (fireball)bola de fogo loc sf
 We heard the explosion, then saw a great ball of fire shooting to the sky.
 The propane tanker exploded into a great ball of fire.
baptism by fire n (difficult first experience, initiation)  (experiência difícil)batismo de fogo loc sm
 My first day as a math teacher was a baptism of fire. The pupils just wouldn't keep quiet !
baptism by fire n (first combat experience for a soldier)  (1o combate dum soldado)batismo de fogo loc sm
 Bullets were flying all around and people were dying; it was truly a baptism by fire.
blazing fire n (fire that burns intensely)fogo abrasador
 They sat outside the tent, swapping stories and toasting marshmallows over the blazing fire.
catch fire vi (catch alight)pegar fogo
 Gasoline can catch fire very easily.
catch on fire vi (catch alight)pegar fogo
 If I knock this candle onto the rug, it will probably catch on fire.
fire door n (fire-resistant inner door)  (porta que resiste ao fogo)porta corta-fogo loc sf
 The employees were told off for wedging the fire doors open in the hot weather.
fire eater n (performer who appears to swallow fire)  (como atração pública)engolidor de fogo loc sm
 A fire eater must hold kerosene in his mouth to perform.
fire resistant adj (flameproof, difficult to set fire to)  (à prova de fogo)resistente ao fogo loc adj
 The sofa is made of fire-resistant material.
firing line n literal (military: positions for firing)  (literal, Mil:)linha de fogo loc sf
 The soldier stepped up to the firing line, took aim and fired.
firing line n figurative (most vulnerable positions)  (figurativo)linha de fogo loc sf
 When things went wrong his secretary was always in the firing line.
flash in the pan n idiom ([sth] promising which then disappoints)  (entusiasmo passageiro)fogo de palha loc sm
 After four weeks of rain we had a sunny morning yesterday, but it turned out to be just a flash in the pan.
flirt with disaster vi (do [sth] risky)  (fazer algo perigoso)brincar com fogo loc v int
 Having an affair with your wife's best friend is flirting with disaster.
fuel vtr (argument, debate)alimentar vt
  pôr fogo em loc vt
simmer vi (boil slowly)cozinhar em fogo brando loc v int
simmer vi figurative (person: anger)  (figurado)cozinhar em fogo brando loc v int
stew vi (cook slowly)cozinhar a fogo lento loc v int
cease fire cessar-fogo
line of fire linha de fogo
on fire em fogo
open fire fogo aberto
play with fire brincar com fogo
playing with fire brincando com fogo
set on fire incendiar
  botar fogo em
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