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Traduções principais
fogo smfire nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
fire n (combustion) (combustão)fogo sm
 Fire produces heat and light.
 O fogo produz calor e luz.
blaze n (fire)incêndio sm
  fogo sm
 Three fire engines were called to tackle the blaze at the factory.
Traduções complementares
fire n figurative (ardour)fogo sm
 She was full of fire and energy.
fire n figurative (arduous trial)fogo sm
 He went through fire to try to find her again.
fire n (guns, firearms: shooting) (descarga de armas de fogo)fogo, tiroteio sm
  fuzilaria sf
 He could hear the fire of guns nearby.
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Formas compostas:
acid test n figurative (decisive indicator)prova de fogo loc sf
 The acid test in becoming a good cook is making a perfect soufflé.
ball of fire n (fireball)bola de fogo loc sf
 We heard the explosion, then saw a great ball of fire shooting to the sky. The propane tanker exploded into a great ball of fire.
 Nós ouvimos a explosão, então vimos uma grande bola de fogo passando pelo céu. O tanque de propano explodiu numa grande bola de fogo.
baptism by fire,
baptism of fire
figurative (difficult initiation) (figurado, difícil)batismo de fogo loc sm
 My first day as a math teacher was a baptism of fire. The pupils just wouldn't keep quiet !
baptism by fire,
baptism of fire
figurative (soldier: first combat) (primeiro combate)batismo de fogo loc sm
 Bullets were flying all around and people were dying; it was truly a baptism by fire.
blazing fire n (fire: intense)fogo abrasador loc sm
 They sat outside the tent, swapping stories and toasting marshmallows over the blazing fire.
catch fire,
catch light,
catch alight
vtr + n
(ignite)pegar fogo loc v int
 Gasoline can catch fire very easily.
cease fire vtr + n (war: stop fighting) (guerra)cessar fogo vt
  cessar-fogo sm
 The two sides agreed to cease fire.
(truce, end to hostilities)cessar-fogo sm
 The armies decided to have a ceasefire at Christmas.
cross fire
(point where gunshots cross)fogo cruzado loc sm
 One soldier was injured in the crossfire.
cross fire
figurative (heated exchange of opinions) (figurado)fogo cruzado loc sm
  discussão acalorada loc sf
 Don't get caught in the crossfire between my aunt and uncle; their arguments are vicious.
fire [sth] vtr (set alight)incendiar, queimar vt
  pôr fogo loc vt
 They fired the big pile of rubbish they had collected.
fire door n (fire-resistant inner door) (porta que resiste ao fogo)porta corta-fogo loc sf
 The employees were told off for wedging the fire doors open in the hot weather.
fire eater n (performer who appears to swallow fire) (como atração pública)engolidor de fogo loc sm
 A fire eater must hold kerosene in his mouth to perform.
fire resistant adj (flameproof, difficult to set fire to) (à prova de fogo)resistente ao fogo loc adj
 The sofa is made of fire-resistant material.
firearm n (gun)arma de fogo loc sf
  revólver sm
 Please leave any firearms outside the building.
fireball n (ball of fire)bola de fogo loc sf
fireball n (fire sphere produced by nuclear explosion)bola de fogo loc sf
firefighting n (act of combatting fires)combater o fogo loc vt
 The firefighting went on for days as crews tried to get the wildfires under control.
firelight n (light given off by a fire)luz do fogo loc sf
firepower n (weapons capability)potência de fogo loc sf
fireproof adj (flame resistant)à prova de fogo loc adj
 The fabric of the tent is fireproof and lightweight.
fireside n (area by a fireplace or hearth)pé do fogo loc sm
fireside adj (by a fireplace or hearth)ao pé do fogo loc adj
firewall n (fireproof wall)parede guarda-fogo sm
 There's a firewall between every other room in the hotel.
 Há uma parede guarda-fogo entre os quartos do hotel.
firing line n (military: positions for firing)linha de fogo loc sf
 The soldier stepped up to the firing line, took aim and fired.
firing line n figurative (most vulnerable positions) (figurativo)linha de fogo loc sf
 When things went wrong, Fred's secretary was always in the firing line.
uncountable, figurative (blame, criticism)fogo antiaéreo loc sm
 Jody got a lot of flak for her decision to quit her job.
flash in the pan n idiom ([sth] promising which then disappoints) (entusiasmo passageiro)fogo de palha loc sm
 After four weeks of rain we had a sunny morning yesterday, but it turned out to be just a flash in the pan.
flirt with disaster v expr figurative (do [sth] risky)brincar com fogo loc v int
 Having an affair with your wife's best friend is flirting with disaster.
fuel [sth] vtr figurative (argument, debate)alimentar vt
  pôr fogo em loc vt
 Financial problems fueled the argument between Mary and Kyle.
full of piss and vinegar adj figurative, vulgar, slang (person: energetic, lively) (informal, vulgar, gíria, ofensivo!)fogo no rabo expres
  (informal, gíria)com a corda toda expres
 Well, aren't you full of piss and vinegar today! Why so enthusiastic?
gun crime n (offences involving firearms) (ofensas envolvendo armas de fogo)crime com arma de fogo loc sm
 Gun crime is on the rise in Europe.
gun manufacturer n (maker of firearms)fabricante de armas de fogo loc sm
  fábrica de armas de fogo loc sf
gunshot wound n (bullet injury caused by a firearm) (ferimento a bala causado por arma de fogo)ferimento a bala loc sm
  ferimento por arma de fogo loc sm
 Any doctor treating a gunshot wound must report the fact to the police.
in dribs and drabs adv informal (a little at a time) (um pouco de cada vez)pouco a pouco, a fogo lento advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down."
 We painted the house in dribs and drabs, so it took a year. The donations came in in dribs and drabs.
open fire vtr + n (start shooting) (figurado, começar a atirar)abrir fogo expres
 They opened fire as soon as they saw his gun. If you see a wolf, go ahead and open fire.
play with fire v expr (risk danger)brincar com o fogo expres v
  brincar com o perigo expres v
 Computer users are playing with fire if they don't keep their anti-virus software up to date.
prairie fire n US (blaze in grassland area) (fogo em uma área de gramado)fogo de pradaria loc sm
  incêndio da pradaria loc sm
 The prairie fire consumed more than 1000 acres.
put stock in [sth/sb] v expr (trust [sth/sb](confiar em alguém/algo)acreditar em, confiar em vt
  (figurado: confiar piamente)pôr a mão no fogo por expres
  (figurado: acreditar)apostar as fichas em expres
raging fire n figurative (intense blaze) (chama intensa)fogo devastador loc sm
 The raging fire swept through the entire valley, destroying modest homes and billion-dollar mansions alike.
(command to someone firing a weapon) (comando para alguém disparar uma arma)preparar, apontar, fogo! interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
red ant n (stinging insect) (inseto com ferrão)formiga vermelha loc sf
  formiga-de-fogo sf
 You can often see red ants foraging for food in the forest.
red panda n (firefox: racoon-like animal native to China) (raposa vermelha: parente do guaxinim, animal nativo da China)panda vermelho loc sm
  raposa de fogo loc sf
ruby-crowned kinglet n (variety of bird) (biologia)estrelinha-de-fogo loc sf
scorching hot adj (intensely hot, burning)abrasador adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  pegando fogo expres
  esturricante, estorricante adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
 The day was scorching hot: all the ice in our glasses melted within five minutes. We had scorching hot weather that summer.
smolder (US),
smoulder (UK)
(burn slowly)arder a fogo lento loc v int
  arder lentamente loc v int
 The campfire smoldered late into the night.
smoldering (US),
smouldering (UK)
(burning slowly)que arde a fogo lento loc adj
 The smoldering coals were hot for hours after the fire went out.
stew vi (cook slowly)cozinhar a fogo lento loc v int
 The meat was stewing in a pan on the stove.
wildfire n (out-of-control fire)fogo grego loc sm
 The wildfire destroyed a dozen homes in the Adelaide Hills.
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