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Traduções principais
folha sf (de planta)leaf nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  (de papel)sheet nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
plural: leaves
(tree: foliage) (de planta)folha sf
 The trees lost their leaves early this year because of the frost.
sheet n (layer, covering) (cobertura)folha sf
 Lay a sheet of aluminium foil over the pan.
 Coloque uma folha de papel alumínio sobre a panela.
plural: leaves
(sheet of paper, page) (de papel)folha sf
 Ben turned over a leaf in his book and kept reading.
plural: leaves
(part of table)folha sf
 When the kids moved out Sam dropped the table leaves to make the dining table smaller.
Traduções complementares
sheet n (of paper) (de papel)folha sf
 A ream includes 500 sheets of paper.
sheet n (of postage stamps) (de selos)folha sf
 I bought three sheets of stamps at the post office.
leaf n (foliage) (de planta)folha sf
 The leaf of the maple tree has three points.
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Formas compostas:
attendance sheet n (register) (registro)folha de chamada loc sf
 The attendance sheet will tell us if you are attending classes.
bay leaf,
plural: bay leaves
(aromatic leaf used in cooking)folha de louro sf
 Whenever I make a casserole I add a bay leaf from my garden.
brand new
informal (not yet used)novinho em folha adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
Nota: hyphen used when term is before noun
 Car dealers have a spray that gives used cars that brand-new car smell. I've just bought a pair of roller skates; they're brand new!
 Vendedores de carros têm um spray que deixa os carros usados com aquele cheiro de novinho em folha. Eu acabei de comprar um par de patins, ele é novinho em folha!
brand-spanking new adj slang (very new)novinho em folha loc adj
 I have a brand-spanking new computer with Windows 8.
 Eu tenho um computador novinho em folha com Windows 8.
casebook n (record or log used for study) (livro de registro)diário de anotações loc sm
  (medicina)folha clínica loc sf
cheat sheet n figurative, informal (study: reference notes)anotações sf pl
  folha de consulta loc sf
 The teacher distributed cheat sheets to the class to help them study for the exam.
cloverleaf n (leaf of a clover plant)folha de trevo loc sf
corn husk n (shell of an ear of maize)folha da espiga de milho loc sf
 Tamales are cooked wrapped in corn husks.
cover sheet n (top page of a document)folha de rosto loc sf
 The faxed document was five pages plus a cover sheet.
fig leaf,
plural: fig leaves
(leaf of a fig tree)folha de figueira loc sf
 A real fig leaf would be too itchy to wear.
fig leaf n figurative ([sth] that covers [sth] shameful)folha de figueira loc sf
gold foil n (sheet of gold) (camada fina de ouro)folha de ouro loc sf
 He is so rich, he gave her a present wrapped in gold foil.
gold leaf n (thin sheet of gold)folha de ouro loc sf
 It looks like solid gold but really it's only plaster covered with gold leaf.
grass blade n (leaf of grass) (folha de grama)folha de grama loc sf
hot off the press adj informal, figurative (information: new) (informal figurado: nova informação)fresquinha dim
  (informal figurado: nova informação)nova em folha loc adj
 The latest news hot off the press is that Alice is calling off the wedding.
maple leaf n (leaf of hardwood maple tree) (bot.)folha de bordo loc sf
maple leaf n (symbol: emblem of Canada) (símbolo do Canadá)folha de bordo loc sf
 Canada's symbol is the maple leaf.
pay n (payroll)folha de pagamento sf
 Linda is the secretary and Betty works on invoices and pay.
 This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. O DP é responsável pela folha de pagamento dos funcionários.
payroll n (list: employees to be paid)folha de pagamento sf
 Meredith asked Peter to check the payroll to see if the young man really was one of their employees.
payroll n (amount to be paid to employees)folha de pagamento sf
 The boss has spent too much money and the accountant is worried there won't be enough left to cover the payroll.
planthopper n (insect resembling a leaf) (biol., inseto que se assemelha à folha)fulgomorfo sm
  bicho-folha sm
poinsettia n (red flowering plant) (planta de folhas coloridas)poinsétia, folha-de-sangue sf
  bico-de-papagaio, rabo-de-arara sm
record sheet n (document used for tracking [sth](documento usado para rastrear algo)registro sm
  folha de rastreamento loc sf
  folha de registro loc sf
 The students used a record sheet to write down the results of their experiment.
score sheet n (sport: page for recording results)folha de pontuação loc sf
  (esporte, marcação de resultados)tabela sf
 According to the score sheet I'm winning!
sheet iron n (iron in flat panels) (aço em forma plana)aço laminado sm
  folha de aço sf
 In the shipyard you could see stacks of sheet iron everywhere.
sheet metal n (metal in flat sheet form)metal laminado sm
  folha de metal sf
 I used to run a machine that bent sheet metal into various shapes.
sheet of paper n (paper: single leaf)folha de papel sf
 She found a sheet of paper and wrote a note. It will only require one sheet of paper to take this test. Pencils ready?
sign-in sheet n (register signed on entry) (entrada registrada e assinada)folha de registro sf
  registro de entrada sm
steel plate n (sheet of steel used for engraving) (folha de aço usada para gravação)placa de aço sf
  chapa de aço sf
  folha de aço sf
 The decks of the ship are made of steel plate.
tea leaf n (dried leaf of the tea plant) (folha seca de chá)folha de chá loc sf
 Some fortune-tellers use tea leaves to read fortunes.
tinplate [sth]
(metal coated with tin)folha-de-flandres sf
title page n (page of a book bearing its title) (página de livro constando título)folha de rosto loc sf
 She was delighted to see her name on the title page.
veneer n (coating over wood)folha de madeira compensada loc sf
 The sideboard had a covering of veneer.
vine leaf n (leaf of a climbing plant) (folha de planta trepadeira)folha de videira sf
walking stick n US, colloquial (insect: resembles a stick)bicho-pau sm
  bicho-folha sm
worksheet n (school: sheet of exercises) (escola)folha de exercícios sf
 She says she dropped her worksheet on the way home from school.
work sheet
(record of work in progress)folha de trabalho sf
  registro de trabalho sm
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