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folha sf  (de planta)leaf nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
   (de papel)sheet nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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sheet n (layer, covering)  (cobertura)folha sf
 Lay a sheet of aluminium foil over the pan.
 Coloque uma folha de papel alumínio sobre a panela.
sheet n (of paper)  (de papel)folha sf
 A ream includes 500 sheets of paper.
sheet n (of postage stamps)  (de selos)folha sf
 I bought three sheets of stamps at the post office.
leaf n (from tree)folha sf
leaf n (sheet of paper, book)  (de papel)folha sf
pay n (payroll)folha de pagamento loc sf
 Linda is the secretary and Betty works on invoices and pay.
  The Human Resources is responsible for the pay of the employees.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
worksheet n (school: sheet of exercises)  (escola: )folha de exercícios loc sf
casebook n (record or log used for study)  (livro de registro)diário de anotações loc sm
   (medicina)folha clínica loc sf
cloverleaf n (leaf of a clover plant)folha de trevo loc sf
poinsettia n (North American plant with coloured petal-like leaves)  (planta de folhas coloridas)poinsétia, folha-de-sangue sf
  bico-de-papagaio, rabo-de-arara sm
tinplate [sth]
(metal coated with tin)folha-de-flandres sf
attendance sheet n (register)  (registro)folha de chamada loc sf
 The attendance sheet will tell us if you are attending classes.
brand new
(newly acquired, not used since manufacture)novinho em folha loc adj
Note: hyphen used when term is before noun
 Car dealers have a spray that gives used cars that brand-new car smell.
brand-spanking new adj informal (very new)  (muito novo)novinho em folha loc adj
 I have a brand-spanking new computer with Windows 7. (Of course, it's already obsolete!)
gold foil n (sheet of gold)  (camada fina de ouro)folha de ouro loc sf
 He is so rich, he gave her a present wrapped in gold foil.
gold leaf n (thin sheet of gold)folha de ouro loc sf
 It looks like solid gold but really it's only plaster covered with gold leaf.
maple leaf n (leaf of hardwood maple tree)  (Bot:)folha de bordo loc sf
maple leaf n (symbol: emblem of Canada)  (símbolo do Canadá )folha de bordo loc sf
 Canada's symbol is the maple leaf.
fig leaf n literal (leaf of a fig tree)  (literal)folha de figueira loc sf
 A real fig leaf would be too itchy to wear.
fig leaf n figurative ([sth] intended to cover [sth] shameful)  (fig,)folha de figueira loc sf
corn husk n (shell of an ear of maize)folha da espiga de milho loc sf
 Tamales are cooked wrapped in corn husks.
cover sheet n (top page of a document)folha de rosto loc sf
 The faxed document was five pages plus a cover sheet.
double-leaf adj (having 2 doors side by side)folha dupla loc adj
foil n (aluminium foil)folha metálica loc sf
payroll n (payments to employees)  (pagamento para funcionário)folha de pagamento loc sf
veneer n (coating over wood)folha de madeira compensada loc sf
bay leaf folha de louro
score sheet folha de resultados
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