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fracasso failure, shattering, unsuccessful
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dog n informal (failure)fracasso sm
 His latest film was a dog.
miss n (sports: failure to hit)  (esporte)fracasso sm
  falha sf
 His second swing was a miss.
 A sua segunda tentativa foi um fracasso.
failure n (unsuccessful attempt)fracasso sm
 His attempt to drive home on a single tank of gas was a failure.
 Sua tentativa de trazer o carro até a casa com um único tanque de gasolina foi um fracasso.
failure n (unsuccessful person)fracasso sm
 He was a failure as a salesman.
failure n (lack of success)fracasso sm
 The failure of the new product caused the company to lay off many employees.
turkey n slang (flop, not good)fracasso sm
 Critics called the film the biggest turkey of the year.
washout n (event stopped by rain)  (evento interrompido por chuva)fracasso sm
washout n (failure, disaster)fracasso sm
washout n informal (person: failure, dropout)  (pessoa)fracasso sm
debacle n (disastrous failure, fiasco)desastre, fiasco sm
  fracasso sm
cropper n (come a cropper: fall, sudden failure)  (queda)tombo sm
  fracasso sm
demise n (death)  (morte)fracasso sm
dud n (failure, flop)  (fracasso)fracasso, fiasco adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
flop n (sthg unsuccessful)fracasso, fiasco sm
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