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frango smchicken nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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chicken n uncountable (food)frango sm
  galinha sf
 We had fried chicken for dinner last night.
 Tivemos frango frito no jantar na noite passada.
 Tivemos galinha frita no jantar na noite passada.
broiler n US (young chicken)frango sm
cockerel n (rooster, male chicken)  (galo jovem)frango sm
fryer n US (chicken for cooking)  (frango próprio para fritar)frango a passarinho loc sm
roaster n (chicken fit for roasting)frango para assar loc sm
moorhen n (marsh bird)  (tipo de ave)frango-d'água sm
chicken breast n (white meat of a chicken)peito de frango loc sm
 Please cut me a slice of chicken breast because I don't like the dark meat.
chicken breast n (fillet of white chicken meat)filé de frango loc sm
chicken salad n (salad with chicken)salpicão de frango loc sm
 Chicken salad is made with bits of chicken and mayonnaise.
chicken nuggets npl (pieces of breaded chicken)nuggets de frango loc sm
 The fast food restaurant offered a choice between hamburgers and chicken nuggets.
chicken wings npl (chicken's wings in sauce)asas de frango loc sfpl
  asas de galinha loc sfpl
 John always dips his chicken wings in ranch dressing.
fried chicken n (chicken meat cooked in fat)frango frito loc sm
 If you are watching your weight, order baked chicken instead of fried chicken.
chicken burger n (patty of chicken meat)hambúrguer de frango loc sm
chicken finger n (rectangle of chicken meat in breadcrumbs)tira de frango loc sf
 She put the frozen chicken fingers in the oven in time for lunch.
chicken nugget n (piece of chicken meat in breadcrumbs)nugget de frango loc sm
 Who fancies chicken nuggets for dinner?
chicken skewer n (chicken kebab cooked on a stick)frango no espeto loc sm
chicken strip n (thin boneless chicken goujon)frango em tirinhas loc sm
chicken thigh n (poultry: leg portion)coxa de frango loc sf
  coxa de galinha loc sf
drum sticks
figurative (cooked chicken legs)coxa de frango loc sf
 If you order dark meat you get a drumstick and a thigh.
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