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frase sfphrase, sentence nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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phrase n (expression)  (expressão)frase sf
phrase n (less than sentence)  (menos que sentença)frase sf
period n (musical section)  (de sentido completo)frase musical loc sf
 Periods are usually eight measures in length.
sentence n (grammatical unit)  (gramática)sentença, frase sf
 The second sentence has a spelling error that needs correction.
 A segunda frase tem um erro de ortografia que precisa ser corrigido.
soundbite n (succinct statement or quotation)frase de efeito loc sf
catch phrase
(motto, slogan)  (slogan)frase chamativa, frase feita, frase de efeito loc sf
 The comedian repeated his catchphrase at every possible opportunity.
full sentence n (complete grammatical structure)  (estrutura gramatical )frase completa loc sf
 A full sentence always contains (or implies) a subject and a verb.
hackneyed phrase n (cliché, over-used expression)  (frase muito conhecida e muito usada)frase corriqueira, batida loc sf
  clichê, chavão, lugar-comum sm
 Good as gold is a hackneyed phrase to describe well behaved children.
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