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frente sf parte anteriorfront n
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front n (forward part of [sth]) parte da frente de algofrente sf
 Is there a scratch on the front of the TV?
 Há um arranhão na parte da frente da TV?
front n (building façade) fachadafrente sf
 The front of the house didn't face the road.
front n (ahead of others)frente sf
 Please step to the front when I call your name.
front n (beginning) começofrente sf
 If you're disabled, you can go to the front of the queue.
front n (military: combat area) militarfront sm
 de batalhafrente sf
 Many men died on the eastern front.
front n figurative (field of activity) campo de atividadefrente sf
 On the financial front, stocks dropped again.
front n (of a shirt)frente sf
 What does the t-shirt say on the front?
front n (property line abutting a street)frente sf
 The mailbox is almost always at the front of the property.
front n (political movement)frente sf
 They are members of the popular front.
front n (weather pattern)frente sf
 A cold front will come into the area tonight.
frontage n (direction [sth] is facing)frente sm
recto n (right-hand page) página direita de um livro abertoreto, anverso sm
 frente sf
fore n (front)frente sf
up adv (sports: ahead of) na dianteiraà frente loc adv
 The team is up one-nil over its opponent.
 O time está à frente do adversário, ganhando de um a zero.
forward adv (toward front) em direção à frentepara a frente loc adv
 He moved forward to accept the award.
 Ele foi para a frente para receber o prêmio.
in front of, in front prep (side towards spectator) em direção à espectadorna frente de loc prep
 Who is that in front of the group of people?
 Quem é aquele na frente daquele grupo de pessoas?
opposite adv (situated face to face) face a faceem frente de loc adv
 em frente a loc adv
 He started to get nervous when she sat opposite him on the train.
 Ele começou a ficar nervoso quando ela sentou-se em frente dele no trem.
 Ele começou a ficar nervoso quando ela sentou-se em frente a ele no trem.
opposite adj (situated face to face) em oposição aoposto adj
 em frente a loc prep
 The goals were at opposite ends of the field.
 Os gols estavam nos extremos do campo, um em frente ao outro.
forwards adv (towards the front)adiante adv
 para a frente loc adv
forwards adv (towards the future)avante adv
 para a frente loc adv
tailgate vi (drive close behind a vehicle) dirigir colar no carro da frente loc v int
tailgate vtr (drive closely behind)colar no carro da frente loc vt
frontline n (military front) militarlinha de frente loc sf
frontline n figurative (crucial position) posição cruciallinha de frente loc sf
halterneck n (clothing with strap around neck) tipo de roupafrente-única sf
halterneck adj (clothing: with strap around neck)de frente-única adj
a cut above adj (superior to) superior aum nível acima, à frente de loc adj
 He is a cut above the rest.
a cut above adj (superior) superior um nível acima, à frente loc adj
ahead of its time adj (advanced)à frente de seu tempo loc adj
 The company prides itself on bringing products to market that are ahead of their time.
ahead of its time adj (enlightened) culto, eruditoà frente de seu tempo loc adj
ahead of the game adj (at an advantage) com vantagemà frente do jogo loc adj
 Bruce was ahead of the game because he repaired the roof before the rains came.
ahead of the game adv (at an advantage) com vantagemà frente do jogo loc adv
carry on, carry-on vtr (continue)seguir em frente, continuar vt
Note: hyphen used when term is a noun or an adj
 The teacher told us to carry on with the exercise she had assigned while she prepared a test.
 She carried on as if nothing had happened.
clash with vtr figurative (be in conflict with) figurativo - discordância, antagonismoentrar em conflito com loc vt
 bater de frente com
cold front n (cold air pushing forward) meteorologiafrente fria loc sf
 The weather will get nasty due to the cold front pushing in from the North.
collide with vtr figurative (clash with, conflict with) figurativobrigar com, combater com vt
 bater de frente com
 His radical ideas collided with theirs.
come forward vi literal (move to the front of a group) literaldar um passo à frente
 The preacher said; "Come forward now if you feel the spirit."
come to the fore v (become prominent) tornar-se proeminentevir à frente
 She was the first celebrity to come to the fore on the issue of same sex marriage.
come to the fore v (take action required by situation) tomar açãovir à frente, tomar a dianteira
come to the front v figurative (become prominent) tornar-se proeminentevir à frente, tomar a dianteira
come to the front v literal (move to a forward position)vir à frente
 Please let women and children come to the front of the line.
 Just click on a tab to make another window come to the front.
dead ahead adv US, slang (directly in front)direto, em frente
 You can't possibly miss the target: it's dead ahead!
drive forward vi (make a car go forwards)avançar, ir em frente
 Instead of reversing, he drove forward into a tree.
forge ahead vi (move forward with determination) com determinação, resoluçãoseguir em frente, tomar a dianteira loc v int
 Forge ahead and don't let your depression get the best of you.
front door n (entrance door at the front of a house) entrada principal da casaporta principal, porta da frente loc sf
 My family usually goes in and out of the house by the kitchen door, but we prefer that guests use the front door.
front of the house n (façade of residential building, house front) fachadafrente da casa loc sf
 The front of the house mimicked a Neo-Gothic facade.
ahead adv (for the future) para o futuropara frente loc adv
ahead adv (success) sucessoà frente loc adv
 adiante adv
forefront n (in front)frente, vanguarda sf
foremost adv (most importantly)primeiramente adv
 à frente loc adv
onward adv (forward) para frentepara frente,em diante loc adv
onwards adv (onward, forward) para frentepara frente,em diante loc adv
ahead of na frente de
be ahead estar à frente
drill team pelotão de frente
from here on daqui para a frente
get up and go levantar e ir em frente
go for it! vá em frente!
leading edge de vanguarda
 a frente principal
look ahead olhar em frente
press on ir em frente
tail gate última partição de um caminhão
 colar no carro da frente
 EUAfazer churrasco em estacionamento de lugares esportivos
to the fore à frente, em primeiro plano
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