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fruitcake n (cake made with fruit)bolo de frutas loc sm
fruit fly n (small flying insect)mosca-das-frutas, drosófila sf
 Fruit flies are used in genetic research.
fruit juice n (nectar obtained from fruit)suco de frutas loc sm
 Fruit juice can be purchased fresh, concentrated, or frozen.
fruit picking n (picking fruit from the plant or tree)  (da planta ou do pé)colheita de frutas loc sf
 Picking blueberries is safe because they grow on bushes; other types of fruit picking may be more dangerous if they require ladders.
fruit salad n (mixed-fruit dish)salada de frutas sf
 A bowl of fruit salad is always refreshing on a hot summer's day.
fruit tart n (pastry made with fruit)  (folhado feito com frutas)torta de frutas loc sf
 For dessert my grandmother served a large fruit tart.
juice extractor n (device for squeezing juice from fruit)espremedor de frutas
 I bought a new juice extractor so I can have fresh orange juice every morning.
mince pie n (small sweet pastry containing spiced fruit)torta de frutas loc sf
 Mince pies are traditionally eaten around Christmas.
Christmas cake n (fruit cake eaten at Christmas)  (bolo com frutas comido no Natal)panetone sm
  bolo de frutas loc sm
fruit punch n (mixed fruit juice)suco de frutas loc sm
  ponche sm
 It tastes like fruit punch but contains less sugar.
 I made some fruit punch for the party tonight.
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