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funcionar v intwork, operate viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
   (servir como)serve vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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go vi (function, perform)funcionar v int
 This fan won't go.
work vi (operate)  (operar)funcionar v int
 Does the car work?
 O carro funciona?
work vi (be useful, effectual)  (produzir resultado)funcionar v int
  surtir efeito loc v int
 Did the medicine work?
 O remédio surtiu efeito?
act vi (operate)funcionar v int
 Pressing the pedal will make the brakes act.
act vi (substitute for sthg)funcionar vt
 A brick can act as a hammer.
function vi (work properly)funcionar v int
 Does that machine function as it is supposed to?
 Aquela máquina funciona como deveria?
function vi (serve as)funcionar v pred
 Sometimes a screwdriver can function as a chisel.
 Às vezes, uma chave de fendas funciona como um cinzel.
hum vi (machine: working well)  (operando bem)funcionar v int
run vi (continue to operate)  (estar operativo)operar, funcionar v int
 It requires a lot of energy to keep this business running.
run vtr (operate)  (operar)fazer funcionar loc vt
 It costs a lot to run this machine.
 Custa muito fazer esta máquina funcionar.
take vi (machine: function)  (máquina: pôr-se em funcionamento)funcionar, arrancar, pegar v int
 We had to oil it four times before the machine would take.
take vi (work as desired)  (funcionar como se espera)funcionar, pegar v int
 The serum doesn't always take the first time, and a second inoculation may be needed.
work vtr (operate)manejar vt
  fazer funcionar loc vt
 Can you work a metal lathe?
malfunction vi (function abnormally)não funcionar loc v int
malfunction vi (fail to function)não funcionar loc v int
function as vtr (perform the role of)  (ter o cargo de)funcionar como loc vt
 I was the oldest of the 12 children so when our parents died I had to function as the head of the family.
not work vi (be out of order)  (com defeito)não funcionar loc v int
 My washing machine does not work.
not work vi (be ineffective)  (inadequado)não funcionar loc v int
 Your flattery will not work on me.
act up vi phrasal (machine: malfunction)  (máquina)funcionar mal v int
  apresentar defeito loc v int
 The coffee machine is acting up again, spewing coffee everywhere but in the carafe.
 The TV is acting up, but I think it's just a loose wire.
operate vtr (a machine)  (uma máquina)operar, funcionar vt
play up   (máquina)funcionar mal
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