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galinha sfhen nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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chicken n (animal)galinha sf
 There were three chickens running around on the farm.
 Havia três galinhas correndo pela fazenda.
chicken n uncountable (food)frango sm
  galinha sf
 We had fried chicken for dinner last night.
 Tivemos frango frito no jantar na noite passada.
 Tivemos galinha frita no jantar na noite passada.
womanizer n (man who pursues many women)  (homem: corteja muitas mulheres)conquistador, mulherengo sm
   (gíria)galinha sm
playboy n informal (womanizing man)mulherengo sm
   (brasil. pop.)galinha sm
philanderer n (man: womanizer)mulherengo sm
  galanteador, conquistador sm
   (gíria)galinha sm
wuss n slang, pejorative (coward or weakling)  (covarde)galinha sf
hen n (chicken)galinha sf
coot n (aquatic bird)  (ave aquática)carqueja, galinha-d'água sf
masher n US, slang, dated (man who is too aggressively attentive to women)  (gíria, )homem galinha loc sm
  mulherengo sm
woodcock n (game bird)galinhola, galinha-d'angola sf
crow's feet
figurative (wrinkles at outer corners of the eyes)  (rugas nos cantos dos olhos)pés-de-galinha sm pl
 All the years of wind and sun had given the farmer crow's-feet at an early age.
guinea fowl n (poultry bird)  (ave)galinha-d'angola, galinha-do-mato loc sf
  pintada sf
 Guinea fowl meat tastes exactly like chicken.
chicken broth n (thin soup flavoured with chicken)caldo de galinha loc sm
  canja sf
 To make the soup, I add vegetables and rice to a chicken broth.
chicken noodle soup n (chicken pieces and noodles in broth)sopa de galinha loc sf
 There's nothing better than chicken noodle soup when you're not feeling well.
chicken stock n (broth flavoured with chicken)caldo de galinha loc sm
 She boiled the carcass with vegetables to make a delicious chicken stock.
chicken wings npl (chicken's wings in sauce)asas de frango loc sfpl
  asas de galinha loc sfpl
 John always dips his chicken wings in ranch dressing.
cash cow n figurative ([sth] lucrative, good source of income)  (algo lucrativo, boa fonte de renda)mina de ouro loc sf
  galinha dos ovos de ouro loc sf
 Selling bottled water is the cash cow of the new millenium- it costs more than gasoline!
chicken thigh n (poultry: leg portion)coxa de frango loc sf
  coxa de galinha loc sf
crow's feet npl (wrinkles at outer corner of eye)  (rugas nos cantos dos olhos)pé de galinha loc sm
 She thought that crow's feet on her eyes were the first sign that she was getting old.
golden goose galinha dos ovos de ouro
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