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gato smcat nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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cat n (domestic animal)gato sm
   (gíria, sexy)gata sf
 My aunt has a black cat.
 Minha tia tem um gato preto.
  Aquela menina é uma gata!Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
mouser n slang (cat kept for catching mice)  (que caça camundongos)gato sm
hot number n slang ([sb] sexually attractive)  (pessoa sexualmente atrativa)gato sm
  gata sf
 She was such a hot number, that to see her was to want her.
hunk n (well-built man)  (pedaço de homem)gato sm
kitty n informal (cat)  (informal)gato sm
stud n (man)  (homem bonito)galã sm
  gato sm
ten n (person: good looking)  (pessoa tão atraente que ganha nota dez)gato sm
   (gíria)pedaço sm
cat n (member of cat family)gato, felino sm
 The leopard is a big cat.
 O leopardo é um gato (or: felino) grande.
catfish n (scaleless fish)peixe-gato sm
spunky adj Aus, slang (good looking)  (AU, gíria: apessoado)gato, gostosão adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
tabby n (cat with striped fur)gato malhado loc sm
wildcat n (undomesticated cat)gato-bravo loc sm
  gato-montês, gato-selvagem sm
wildcat n (feral domestic cat)gato selvagem loc sm
tomcat n (unneutered male cat)gato macho loc sm
filbert n (artist's flat paintbrush)  (tipo de pincel )pincel língua-de-gato loc sm
tickler n informal (type of whip)  (instrumento de tortura)garras de gato loc sf
alley cat n (stray cat)gato de beco, gato de rua loc sm
black cat n (cat with all-black fur)  (animal)gato preto loc sm
 The black cat is on the table.
black cat n (symbol of bad luck or witchcraft)  (símbolo de azar)gato preto loc sm
cat food n (food intended for cats)ração de gato loc sf
 There was nothing at all to eat in the house so we had to make do with cat food.
 Some cats prefer dry cat food while others prefer wet cat food from a can.
cat's paw n (foot of a cat)pata de gato
 A cat's paw is soft on the bottom, but has dangerous retractable claws.
cat's tail n (tail of a cat)rabo de gato loc sm
 After Brian tripped while using his chainsaw, the cat's tail lay severed on the grass and the cat was nowhere to be seen.
 Unlike a dog's, a cat's tail sticks straight up when the cat is in a good mood.
domestic cat n (feline kept as a pet)gato doméstico loc sm
 The European wild cat is bigger than the average domestic cat.
domestic cat n (species of small feline)gato doméstico loc sm
 The domestic cat has been with us for centuries.
house cat n (domestic feline, pet cat)gato doméstico loc sm
 A lion is a wild cat, not a house cat.
jungle cat n (wildcat)lince do pântano, gato-do-mato sm
Cat got your tongue? expr figurative, informal (Don't you have anything to say?)  (Você não tem nada para dizer?)O gato comeu sua língua? exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
 What's the matter, has the cat got your tongue?
cat nip n (herb: stimulant to cats)  (erva estimulante )erva-gato, erva-gateira sf
  valeriana sf
 My cat loves to roll in fresh catnip.
chick magnet n US, slang (man who is attractive to women )  (homem atraente)gatão, gato sm
  tesudo sm
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