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Traduções principais
história sfhistory nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  (infantil, etc)story nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
plural: stories
(fictional tale) (narrativa)história sf
 Father read a bedtime story.
 Papai leu uma história na hora de dormir.
history n (past events, ways of life)história sf
 I enjoy reading about the history of World War II.
 Gosto de ler sobre a história da Segunda Grande Guerra.
tale n (story) (conto)história sf
  fábula sf
 The friends all gathered around the campfire and told each other tales.
narrative n (story, account)narrativa, história sf
 The students wrote narratives about their childhood homes.
anecdote n (entertaining story)história sf
  relato sm
  conto sm
 Miles is a wonderful dinner guest; he entertains everyone with his anecdotes.
whole cloth n figurative (pure fabrication: fiction, invention) (ficção, invenção: pura criação)conto sm
  criação sf
  história sf
  ficção sf
story n (plot) (enredo)história sf
 This book has a great story.
 Este livro tem uma ótima história.
history n (the study of the past)história sf
 I enjoy reading about Roman history.
 Gosto de ler sobre a história romana.
record n (history) (história)arquivo sm
  história, crônica sf
 The record shows that the war was destructive.
 O arquivo mostra que a guerra foi destrutiva.
tale n (lie)lorota sf
  (figurado)história sf
 The teacher wondered what tale Sean would come up with this time to explain why he hadn't done his homework.
plural: stories
(version of events) (versão)história sf
 Her story is different from mine.
 A história dela é diferente da minha.
history n (account of the past) (relato)história sf
 The history of the voyage made for interesting reading.
history n (person's interesting past) (passado interessante)história sf
 His fascinating history included travels to other countries.
a history of [sth]
(precedents) (precedentes)história sf
 The defendant has a long criminal history.
Traduções complementares
deal n slang (story)história sf
  questão sf
  (BRA, gíria)lance sm
 What's the deal with Amber and Paul? Are they seeing each other?
story n (narration, tale) (conto)história sf
 Please, tell us a story.
story n informal (lie) (mentira)história sf
 The mischievous children told their parents a story.
story n (journalism: article) (jornalismo: matéria)história sf
 Jillian is hoping for a big story.
history n slang ([sb] or [sth] that no longer counts) (algo passado)história sf
 What he did twenty years ago is history now and irrelevant.
tale n (rumour) (figurado)história sf
  (figurado)conversa sf
 There was a tale going around the playground that the new girl was the daughter of someone famous.
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Formas compostas:
adventure story n (fiction with exciting plot)história de aventura loc sf
 When I was a child I wanted to be a pirate like the ones I read about in adventure stories.
and the rest is history expr (what happened is well known)o resto é história expres
 I met your mum in a bar, and the rest is history!
as the story goes adv (according to what is said to have happened)como diz a história loc adv
 As the story goes, Hector was out of town when the bank was robbed.
bedtime story n (story read to a child before sleep)história de ninar loc sf
  história de dormir loc sf
 The children begged their father to read them a bedtime story.
chiller n informal (scary story) (informal)história de suspense loc sf
 The class on horror literature focuses on chillers and suspense writing.
Christmas Story n (Bible tale: birth of Jesus)conto de Natal loc sm
  história do natal loc sm
 Nativity plays tell the Christmas story.
cliffhanger n (suspenseful ending)história de suspense loc sf
corporate history n (story behind a business organization)história corporativa loc sf
early history n (initial stages)história primitiva loc sf
end up on the scrap heap of history v expr informal, figurative (be forgotten) (ser esquecido)acabar na latrina da história expres
 His well-intentioned efforts have ended up on the scrap heap of history.
familiar story n (common situation) (situação comum)história comum loc sf
 It's a familiar story; she came to New York to be a star on Broadway and ended up on the streets.
from age to age adv (throughout history)ao longo da história loc adv
 From age to age, the quest to discover has been an imperative of the human race.
funny story n (amusing anecdote or joke) (anedota ou piada)história engraçada loc sf
 He told us a funny story about his holiday in Thailand.
ghost story n (tale of the supernatural) (história do sobrenatural)história de fantasmas loc sf
 They sat around the fire and told ghost stories to each other.
good story n (entertaining account, anecdote)boa história loc sf
 It wasn't much fun when it happened, but it makes a good story now.
good story n (interesting piece of written fiction) (obra de ficção interessante)boa história loc sf
  bom conto loc sm
 I read a good story by Carol Shields last week.
hard-luck story n (description of [sb]'s misfortune)história de azar sf
have a history v (have had a past relationship) (ter um relacionamento no passado)ter uma história expres v
have a history with [sb] v expr (have had a past relationship with) (figurado, ter relacionamento no passado)ter uma história expres v
human interest story n (news item about people's lives) (jornalismo)história de interesse humano, matéria chamativa expres
 It's a human interest story about a boy who successfully battled against cancer.
likely story n informal (account considered dubious or untrue)história verossímil sf
 Are you telling me you never heard the phone? That's a likely story!
love story n (story about a romantic relationship)história de amor sf
medical history n ([sb]'s past health problems)história médica loc sf
 The doctor carefully studied the patient's medical history.
moral of the story n literal (ethical lesson in a fable or story)moral da história loc sf
 In the tale of the tortoise and the hare, the slow tortoise wins the race - the moral of the story is that steady persistence wins in the end.
moral of the story n figurative (lesson to be learned from [sth](ensino moral de experiência)moral da história loc sf
 The engine blew up after a week so the moral of the story is not to buy a really cheap second-hand car.
natural history n (scientific study of plants and animals)história natural loc sf
 Unfortunately, many Americans believe that natural history should bow to religious and political ideals.
political history n (study of politics through the years) (estudo de políticas ao longo dos anos)história da ciência política loc sf
prehistory n (period before recorded history)pré-história sf
punchline n (tagline of a joke) (frase-chave de uma piada)conclusão sf
  (frase-chave de uma piada)moral da história loc sm
 He was terrible at telling jokes because he always forgot the punchline.
short story n (written fiction shorter than a novella) (ficção escrita menor que um romance)história curta sf
  conto sm
 He wrote short stories about people living in rural areas.
sob story n informal (tale or account meant to evoke pity)história triste sf + adj
 Just get on with your job – I don't want to hear any more of your sob stories.
success story n figurative (real-life example of [sb] succeeding) (exemplo da vida real de alguém de sucesso)história de sucesso sf
tall tale n (far-fetched story) (história forçada)história inverossímil loc sf
  relato absurdo loc sm
 I don't want to hear any of your tall tales about being abducted by aliens on your way to school.
tell a story v expr (recite a narrative) (recitar narrativa)contar uma história expres
 The children asked their grandfather to tell them a story.
tell a story v expr figurative (reflect events) (figurado: narrar eventos)contar uma história expres
 Every picture tells a story.
that old chestnut! interj ([sth] is a cliché) (clichê)aquela velha história! interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 Blondes have more fun? Ah, that old chestnut!
that's a different story interj informal (quite the contrary) (figurado, informal: quase o contrário)são outros quinhentos, é outra história interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 Singing pop is pretty easy, but singing opera – well, that's a different story!
the whole story n (the full truth) (toda a verdade)a história toda, a história completa loc sf
 We'll never know the whole story about what she did that night.
throughout history adv (always, over the centuries) (através dos séculos)ao longo da história loc adv
throughout the ages adv (through the course of history) (durante o curso da História)ao longo do tempo, ao longo da História loc adv
 Throughout the ages men have made war against one another.
true story n (account of a real-life experience) (experiências da vida real)história verdadeira loc sf
true story n (account of a real-life experience) (experiências da vida real)história verdadeira loc sf
voting record n ([sb]'s history of ballot choices)histórico político sm
  história política sf
informal (detective story, murder story)história de detetive loc sf
  romance policial loc sm
  novela policial loc sf
 Agatha Christie is famous for writing whodunits.
world history n (past events around the world)história mundial loc sf
  história universal loc sf
 I'm currently reading a book about medieval times, an important period in world history.
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