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história sfhistory nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  (infantil, etc)story nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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story n (narrative) (narrativa)história sf
 Father read a bedtime story.
 Papai leu uma história na hora de dormir.
story n (narration, tale) (conto)história sf
 Please, tell us a story.
story n (version) (versão)história sf
 Her story is different from mine.
 A história dela é diferente da minha.
story n (plot) (enredo)história sf
 This book has a great story.
 Este livro tem uma ótima história.
story n informal (lie) (mentira)história sf
 The mischievous children told their parents a story.
story n (journalism: article) (jornalismo: matéria)história sf
 Jillian is hoping for a big story.
history n (past events, ways of life)história sf
 I enjoy reading about the history of World War II.
 Gosto de ler sobre a história da Segunda Grande Guerra.
history n (the study of the past)história sf
 I enjoy reading about Roman history.
 Gosto de ler sobre a história romana.
history n ([sb]: interesting past) (passado interessante)história sf
 His fascinating history included travels to other countries.
history n (an account of the past) (relato)história sf
 The history of the voyage made for interesting reading.
history n (precedents) (precedentes)história sf
 The defendant has a long criminal history.
history n slang ([sb] or [sth] that no longer counts) (algo passado)história sf
 What he did twenty years ago is history now and irrelevant.
tale n (story) (conto)história sf
  fábula sf
short n (gist) (essência)história completa loc sf
  tintim por tintim expres
Nota: expressão: the long of short of it
 The long and the short of it is that I'm pregnant.
record n (history) (história)arquivo sm
  história, crônica sf
 The record shows that the war was destructive.
 O arquivo mostra que a guerra foi destrutiva.
narrative n (story, account)narrativa, história sf
chiller n informal (scary story) (informal)história de suspense loc sf
(detective story, murder story)história de detetive loc sf
  romance policial loc sm
prehistory n (period before recorded history)pré-história sf
cliffhanger n (suspenseful ending)história de suspense loc sf
adventure story n (fiction with exciting plot)história de aventura loc sf
 When I was a child I wanted to be a pirate like the ones I read about in adventure stories.
as the story goes adv (according to what is said to have happened)como diz a história loc adv
 As the story goes, Hector was out of town when the bank was robbed.
from age to age adv (throughout history)ao longo da história loc adv
 From age to age, the quest to discover has been an imperative of the human race.
good story n (entertaining account or anecdote) (algo interessante)boa história loc sf
 It wasn't much fun when it happened, but it makes a good story now.
good story n (interesting piece of written fiction) (obra de ficção interessante)boa história loc sf
  bom conto loc sm
 I read a good story by Carol Shields last week.
likely story n informal (account considered dubious or untrue)história verossímil loc sf
 Are you telling me you never heard the phone? That's a likely story!
love story n (story about a romantic relationship)história de amor loc sf
medical history n ([sb]'s past health problems)história médica loc sf
 The doctor carefully studied the patient's medical history.
moral of the story n literal (ethical lesson in a fable or story)moral da história loc sf
 In the tale of the tortoise and the hare, the slow tortoise wins the race - the moral of the story is that steady persistence wins in the end.
moral of the story n figurative (lesson to be learned from [sth](ensino moral de experiência)moral da história loc sf
 The engine blew up after a week so the moral of the story is not to buy a really cheap second-hand car.
natural history n (scientific study of plants and animals)história natural loc sf
 Unfortunately, many Americans believe that natural history should bow to religious and political ideals.
art history n (study of art through the ages)história da arte loc sf
 Because I was an Art Major in college, I had to take five semesters of art history.
corporate history n (story behind a business organization)história corporativa loc sf
early history n (initial stages)história primitiva loc sf
familiar story n (common situation) (situação comum)história comum loc sf
 It's a familiar story; she came to New York to be a star on Broadway and ended up on the streets.
bedtime story história de dormir
early times pré-história
human-interest story história de interesse humano
old wives' tale história da carochinha
sob story história triste, dramática
tell a story contar uma história
that's a different story isso é outra história
  (gíria)são outros quinhentos
the lowdown a verdadeira história
  os fatos
the whole story a história completa
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