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Traduções Principais
hora sfhour nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Notas correspondentes do outro lado do dicionário
time n (an occasion)hora sf
 The time for action is now.
time n (measurement type)hora sf
 We are on Daylight Savings Time now.
hour n (time interval of 60 minutes) (intervalo de tempo)hora sf
 It takes two and a half hours to drive there.
 Leva duas horas e meia para dirigir até lá.
hour n (time of day) (do dia)hora sf
 At what hour do you expect him to arrive?
hour n (specific time) (tempo específico)hora sf
 The hour of death was listed as 6:38 AM.
hour n (customary time)horário sm
  hora sf
 She usually spends her lunch hour at the gym.
hour n (distance travelled in an hour) (distância de viagem em 1h)hora sf
 The hotel is about a two-hour drive from here.
(business: open) (comercial)hora sf
 The store hours are from 10 AM to 9 PM.
hora n (traditional folk dance) (dança folclórica israelita)hora sf
timing n ([sb], event)hora sf
appointment n (meeting time) (encontro marcado)compromisso sm
  hora marcada loc sf
 I have an appointment at the doctor's office at 10:00.
whenever adv (at whatever time)quando quer que seja, a qualquer hora loc adv
 He can call me whenever. I don't mind.
 Ele pode me ligar quando quer que seja (or: a qualquer hora). Eu não me importo.
hourly adj (once an hour)que acontece a cada hora loc adj
  freqüente adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
hourly adv (once every hour)de hora em hora advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down."
bedtime n (usual time of going to bed)hora de dormir loc sf
bedtime adj (relating to bedtime) (relativo a)hora de dormir loc adj
pip vtr informal (last-minute defeat)vencer na última hora loc vt
lunchtime n (hour for eating lunch)hora do almoço loc sf
lunchtime adj (happening at lunchtime)na hora do almoço loc adj
oversleep vi (fail to wake on time)dormir demais loc v int
  perder a hora loc v int
skive vi UK, slang (employee: avoid work) (INGL, empregado: evitar trabalho)enrolar vt
  (gíria)fazer cera, fazer hora loc v int
dinnertime n (time of day when main meal is eaten)hora do jantar loc sf
playtime US (time for recreation)hora do recreio loc sf
teatime n (hour when pot of tea is served) (momento em que o chá é servido)hora do chá loc sf
teatime n UK (hour of evening meal) (hora da refeição da tarde)hora do chá loc sf
any hour adv (any time, at any time of day or night)a qualquer hora loc adv
at another time adv (at some point in the future)outra hora loc adv
  no futuro loc adv
 Not tonight, perhaps at another time?
at another time adv (at some point in the past)outra hora loc adv
  no passado loc adv
 At another time we were friends; now, we hardly speak.
at any time adv (whenever convenient) (sempre que conveniente)em qualquer tempo, a qualquer hora loc adv
 You can call me for help at any time.
at any time adv (without warning) (sem aviso)a qualquer hora loc adv
 I like my desk to face the door, because I know my boss may walk in at any time.
at some other time adv (at an unspecified future time)noutra hora loc adv
 I promise that we'll go to Disneyland at some other time.
at some other time adv (at an unspecified past time)noutra hora loc adv
 I had promised that we would go to Disney at some other time.
at that time adv (during a specified period in the past)naquela hora loc adv
 I was born in 1999. At that time my father was a captain, but now he is a major.
at this time adv (at present, now) (agora)nesta hora loc adv
 That car model is not available at this time.
breakfast time n (hour when breakfast is eaten)hora do café loc sf
 Rise and shine! It's breakfast time!
call time vi (pub: announce closing) (num pub: anunciar fechamento)anunciar a hora de fechamento
come together vi (arrive at one time)chegar na mesma hora, chegar ao mesmo tempo
 Since they ride the same bus, they always come together.
from hour to hour adv (between one hour and the next)de hora em hora loc adv
 When he was first admitted to the hospital his prognosis kept changing from hour to hour.
good time n (done efficiently or speedily)em boa hora loc sf
 We got to the beach in good time - there was very little traffic on the road.
half hour n (half an hour, 30 minutes) (30 minutos)meia hora loc sf
 I go for a half hour run every morning.
hour by hour
(hourly, on an hourly basis)de hora em hora loc adj
Nota: hyphen omitted when term is an adj after a noun, or is an adv
anytime adv (whenever)a qualquer hora loc adv
clutch n slang (most important) (gíria)hora H loc sf
overtime n (work: extra hours) (trabalho: hora extra)hora extra loc sf
  serão sm
as of now por hora
  por agora
bad time má hora
closing time hora de fechar
fool around fazer hora
  não levar algo a sério
fool around with fazer hora com
  (com uma garota)mexer com
fuck around perder tempo
  (informal)fazer hora
Greenwich Mean Time Hora Média de Greenwich
hour after hour hora após hora
It's high time you did it. já estava mais do que na hora de fazeres isso
  já tinha passado da hora de você fazer isso
just in time na hora
just right apenas certo
  com a hora certa
local time hora local
nick of time hora H
  momento oportuno
on the nose bem a tempo de
  na hora
under an hour menos de uma hora
witching hour  (finanças)hora das bruxas
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