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horário smtimetable, schedule n
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schedule n (timetable) tabela de horáriohorário sm
 The trains are running on schedule.
 Os trens estão correndo no horário.
hour n (customary time)horário sm
 hora sf
 She usually spends her lunch hour at the gym.
timetable n (schedule)horário sm
 quadro de horários loc sm
timetable n (trains, buses) trem, ônibushorário sm
space n (available appointment)horário, espaço sm
 We have a space for you at three o'clock. Would you like it?
counterclockwise adj US (anti-clockwise) EUAanti-horário adj
counterclockwise adv US (in anti-clockwise direction) no sentidoanti-horário adv
lunchbreak, lunch box n (pause for midday meal)horário de almoço loc sm
sitting n (restaurant: serving period) restaurante: horário de serviçohorário de abertura loc sm
 horário de funcionamento loc sm
anticlockwise adv (opposite to direction of clock hands) (em sentido)anti-horário adv
daylight saving time n (British summer time)horário de verão
 Most countries have daylight saving time in the summer, although the start-date varies.
daylight saving time n (clocks advanced one hour)horário de verão
lunch hour n (pause from work to eat midday meal)horário de almoço loc sm
 I take my lunch hour between noon and one o'clock.
office hours npl (hours when a business is open)horas de expediente loc sf pl
 horário comercial loc sm
 In the U.S., typical office hours are 8 to 5, while typical banking hours are 9 to 3.
 The professor's office hours were mornings only.
after hours adv (after closing time)depois do horário de funcionamento loc adv
 depois do expediente loc adv
 Pubs aren't allowed to sell alcohol after hours.
counter-clockwise, UK: anti-clockwise adj US (opposite the direction of clock hands) contrário ao do movimento dos ponteiros do relógioanti-horário adj
 Turn the handle counter-clockwise to switch the machine off.
counter-clockwise, UK: anti-clockwise adv US (opposite the direction of clock hands)sentido anti-horário loc adv
Eastern time n (EST: US time zone)fuso horário da costa leste loc sm
 New York and Washington are both on Eastern time.
collection time n (hour when postbox is emptied)horário de coleta loc sf
 They have posted the collection times on the outside of the mail boxes.
departure time n (transport: hour scheduled for leaving) transportehorário de embarque loc sm
 Our departure time is 12:30, so we need to be at the airport 3 hours before that to get through security.
Eastern Standard Time n (EST: standard time in eastern North America) EUAfuso horário da costa leste loc sm
Eastern Standard Time adv (EST: at standard time in eastern North America) EUAno fuso horário da costa leste loc adv
clockwise adj (direction)sentido horário loc adj
clockwise adv (direction)em sentido horário loc adv
Mountain Time Horário das Montanhas
prime time horário nobre
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