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horas sf plhours n pl
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time n (a specific time)  (tempo específico)horas sf pl
 What time is it? It's 3:20.
 Que horas são? São 3:20.
hour hand n (clock's shorter hand)  (relógio)ponteiro das horas loc sm
 The hour hand makes two complete rotations of the clock face every day.
office hours npl (hours when a business is open)horas de expediente loc sf pl
  horário comercial loc sm
 In the U.S., typical office hours are 8 to 5, while typical banking hours are 9 to 3.
 The professor's office hours were mornings only.
A friend in need is a friend indeed expr (a true friend is supportive and helpful)amigo para todas as horas expres
 When I was sick you certainly proved the old saying, "A friend in need is a friend indeed."
a great time n informal (fun, enjoyment)  (diversão)horas divertidas loc sf pl
 Thanks so much for inviting me; I had a great time!
antisocial hours npl (evening and weekend working times )  (horário noturno e de final de semana)horas extras loc sf
early morning n (time of day just after dawn)  (da manhã)primeiras horas loc sf
 Early morning is the best time to watch birds, because they've just landed after migrating all night.
for hours on end adv (for long stretches of time)por horas e horas loc adv
  por horas sem fim loc adv
 He sits there and plays computer games for hours on end.
wee adj (very early)altas horas da madrugada loc sf pl
at seven o'clock às sete horas
work overtime fazer horas extras no trabalho
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