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imagem image
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picture n (on a television)  (da televisão)imagem sf
 The picture is fuzzy.
image n (perception: public)  (percepção: público)imagem sf
 His image was that of a playboy.
 Sua imagem era a de um "playboy".
image n (art, likeness)  (arte)imagem sf
 This statue is an image of Mary at Jesus' birth.
 A estátua era uma imagem de Maria no nascimento de Jesus.
image n (reflection)  (reflexo)imagem sf
  reflexo sm
 He could see her image in the store window.
image n (perception: personal)imagem sf
 I have this image of him as being a very nice person.
image n (photo for project)  (foto)imagem sf
 The photographer chose his best images to take to the presentation.
image n (appearance)  (aparência)imagem sf
 His austere image was heightened by his dark clothing and pale skin.
image n (copy)  (cópia)imagem sf
 This painting is an exact image of the original.
image n (symbol)  (símbolo)imagem sf
 A maple leaf is the image that makes one think of Canada.
image n (embodiment)  (exemplo)imagem sf
  retrato sm
 He was the image of male courage.
image n (idol)  (ídolo)imagem sf
 Some religions forbid images of the their gods.
vista n (mental vision)  (visão mental)imagem sm
likeness n (portrait)retrato sm
  imagem sf
graphics npl (computer-generated images)imagem gráfica loc sf
afterimage n (impression left on the retina)  (impressão deixada na retina)imagem consecutiva loc sf
distorted image n literal (picture that is twisted or deformed)  (imagem)imagem distorcida loc sf
 The twins laughed at their distorted images in the hall of mirrors at the funfair.
distorted image n figurative (faulty perception)  (percepção)imagem distorcida
 Because of his parents' unhappy marriage, John grew up with a distorted image of relationships.
mental image n ([sth] imagined)imagem mental loc sf
 I have never met him but my mental image of him is tall and handsome.
mirror image n ([sth] seen with left and right reversed)  (imagem invertida)imagem espelhada loc sf
 A beautiful mirror image of the landscape was reflected in the still lake.
cross-cutting n (film: jump cuts, interspersed scenes)  (filme)justaposição de imagem loc sf
test pattern   (televisão)gráfico transmitido por uma rede para ajustar a recepção da imagem
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