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instalar vtinstall vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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wire [sth]
(equip with wiring)  (fiação elétrica)instalar vt
 They wired the house themselves.
 Eles mesmos instalaram a fiação elétrica da casa.
lay vtr (install)  (colocar algo em algum lugar)instalar, pôr vt
 The contractors came in to lay the foundation to the building.
spot vtr (to place)instalar, colocar, pôr vt
 The mobile phone mast was controversially spotted near the school.
condition vtr (cool)instalar ar condicionado loc vt
  refrescar vt
 I wish they would air-condition this hot room.
install vtr (set up, put in place)instalar, estabelecer vt
install vtr (computing: put in, connect)instalar, conectar vt
instate vtr (person: put into office)  (pessoa: em escritório)admitir, instalar vt
instate vtr (bring in, introduce)instalar, introduzir vt
hunker down vi (settle in for a period of time)  (estabelecer por um período de tempo)acomodar-se, instalar-se vp
 I like nothing better on a winter's evening than to hunker down in the armchair with a good book and a bottle of wine.
lay on vtr (apply to flat surface)  (aplicar na superfície)deitar, instalar vt
 The builder laid the plaster on the wall with his trowel.
move in vi (take up residence, make one's home)instalar-se vp
 I moved in to my new flat last November.
mount vtr (fix on sthg)  (fixar em alguma coisa)instalar, equipar vt
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