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interesse sminterest nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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concern n (affair) (ocupação)conta sf
  interesse sm
 I'm sorry, but this is not your concern.
interest n (concern) (preocupação)interesse sm
 My interest in the dispute is based on care for both people.
 Meu interesse na disputa é porque me importo com ambos indivíduos.
interest n (curiosity, concern) (curiosidade )interesse sm
 Some people have an interest in other cultures while others do not.
 Algumas pessoas têm interesse em outras culturas, enquanto outras não têm.
interest n (finance: ownership) (participação no controle acionário)interesse sm
  sociedade sf
 He has a financial interest in this company and may lose all his money.
interest n (participation in sthg)interesse sm
  participação sf
 She always takes an interest in the village fair.
figurative (gambling)interesse sm
 The stakes in this election are high because the winner gets to write the constitution.
interest n (hobby) ( atividade de lazer)hobby, interesse sm
  passatempo sm
 His interests include biking and studying languages.
interest n (personal benefit) (benefício próprio)interesse, proveito sm
 He did what was in his interest and didn't care for the feelings of the others.
interest n (finance: earnings) (finanças: ganhos)juro, interesse sm
 This bank account gives 3% interest per year.
 A conta bancária gera juros (or: interesses) de 3% ao ano.
self n (personal gain)interesse próprio loc sm
 He only thinks of self.
enthusiasm n (passion, interest in sthg)entusiasmo, interesse sm
  paixão sf
enthusiasm n (sthg interesting [sb])entusiasmo, interesse sm
expediency n (self-interest) (interesse próprio)conveniência, utilidade sf
  proveito, interesse sm
uninteresting adj (boring, of no interest) (monótono)chato, enfadonho adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  sem interesse loc adj
interest group n (organization that puts pressure on government)grupo de interesse
interest in n (curiosity about)interesse em
 I've started to take an interest in classical music recently.
interests of n (sake or good of)interesse de
 In the interests of the environment we should recycle our waste products.
keen interest n (passionate curiosity)vivo interesse loc sm
 She takes a keen interest in the doings of her grandchildren - she has them visit her regularly, and is always asking about them.
lively interest n (keenness, passion) (entusiasmo)vívido interesse loc sm
  paixão sf
 Despite his depression, he still maintained a lively interest in word games.
look forward to vtr (await with excitement)esperar, aguardar ansiosamente loc vt
  aguardar com interesse loc vt
 We look forward to our summer holiday every year.
lose interest in [sth] v (stop liking or caring about [sth])perder o interesse em loc vt
 Timmy lost interest in the toy after taking it away from his baby sister.
of interest adj (interesting) (interessante)de interesse loc adj
on behalf of prep (for, in the place of)em nome de, no interesse de
 I'm phoning on behalf of my daughter, who has lost her voice.
commercial interest n (business share or benefit)interesse comercial loc sm
bland adj (boring)sem interesse loc adj
have a stake in ter um interesse em
hold your interest ter interesse
  prender ou manter o interesse
human-interest story história de interesse humano
in an offhand way sem demonstrar interesse
lack of interest falta de interesse
lose interest in perder o interesse em
special interest interesse particular, especial
vested interest rede ou grupo de interesse
  interesse pessoal
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