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Traduções principais
investigar vtinvestigate vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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Traduções principais
plumb the depths v expr figurative (explore something deeply)explorar vt
  investigar vt
  ir ao fundo expres v
 The poet plumbed the depths of his soul for what he wanted to write.
investigate vi (find the truth about a crime) (desvendar crime)investigar viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
 In the novel, a murder is committed and Hercule Poirot is sent to investigate.
snoop around vi phrasal informal (pry: into another's affairs) (bisbilhotar: assuntos alheios)bisbilhotar vt
  investigar vt
 The boss was snooping around your office while you were out.
read up vi phrasal (study, research) (estudar, pesquisar)investigar vt
  pesquisar vt
 We will read up on the history of Holland before visiting Amsterdam.
scope [sth/sb] out vtr phrasal sep informal (investigate)investigar vt
 We scoped out the restaurant to see if it would be a good place to celebrate Clive's birthday.
take a look v informal (investigate [sth](investigar algo)investigar vt
  examinar vt
  olhar criteriosamente vt
snoop around vi phrasal informal (pry: on another's property) (vasculhar: a propriedade de outrem)vasculhar vt
  investigar vt
 Curious about her new neighbors, Diane snooped around their house, trying to peer into windows.
sniff around vi phrasal figurative (person: investigate [sth])investigar vt
 Lydia wasn't pleased when her neighbour told her some men had been sniffing around, asking questions about her.
research vtr (investigate) (investigar)pesquisar vt
  investigar vt
 The police will research the suspect's record.
 O policial pesquisará a ficha do suspeito.
investigate [sth] vtr (crime, matter: find the truth) (crime: descobrir verdade)investigar vt
 The police investigated the claims against the politician.
scour vtr figurative (search) (figurado)esquadrinhar, investigar vt
spy on vtr phrasal insep (carry out espionage on) (fazer espionagem em)espionar vt
  investigar vt
check into vtr phrasal insep US (investigate)examinar vt
  investigar vt
 We are checking into discount flights to London.
look into [sth] vtr phrasal insep informal (investigate)investigar vt
  procurar vt
 We are looking into ways of increasing our effectiveness.
investigate [sth] vtr (try to find [sth] out) (descobrir alguma coisa)investigar, averiguar, descobrir vt
 Ben went to investigate why his friend didn't come to work today.
follow up on [sth] v expr (investigate)investigar vt
 The detective followed up on the lead.
inquire into [sth] (US),
enquire (UK)
vi + prep
(ask about) (perguntar sobre)investigar, averiguar, interrogar vt
 The FBI inquired into the murder of the young woman.
probe [sth] vtr (investigate)investigar, sondar vt
 The journalist probed the evidence to build her story.
trawl [sth] vtr figurative (sift through, search)investigar vt
  (deixar-se levar)ir no arrastão expres v
 The detectives trawled through the documents left behind in the suspect's office.
dig into [sth] vtr phrasal insep figurative, informal (investigate)investigar vt
  (informal)fuçar vt
 The detective started digging into the suspect's past.
Traduções complementares
probe [sb] vtr (ask questions)investigar, inquirir, sondar vt
 The investigators probed Nathan for hours, trying to find out what he knew.
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