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Traduções principais
jogar vtplay vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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Traduções principais
throw [sth] vtr (propel through the air)jogar, atirar vt
  arremessar, lançar vt
 He threw the ball to his friend.
 Jogou (or: atirou) a bola para o amigo.
 Esta frase não é uma tradução da frase em inglês O atleta conseguia arremessar (or: lançar) pesos a uma distância de mais de seis metros.
toss [sth] around,
toss around [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
informal, figurative (ideas, etc.: brainstorm)jogar vt
  pensar vt
 The scientists got together to toss around a few ideas.
play vtr (sports, games) (esporte, jogos)jogar vt
 Who'd like to play tennis?
 Quem gostaria de jogar tênis?
drop [sth] vtr (let fall intentionally)deixar cair loc v
  jogar vt
 The table tennis player dropped the ball on the table to serve.
 O jogador de tênis de mesa deixou cair a bolinha na mesa para sacar.
roll [sth]
(ball, round object)rolar, jogar vt
 He rolled the ball to the baby.
 Ele rolou (or: jogar) a bola para o bebê.
flip [sth] vtr (pancake, coin: toss)virar vt
  (moeda)jogar vt
 Jim flipped the pancake in the pan.
gamble [sth] vtr (money) (dinheiro)jogar vt
  apostar vt
toss [sth] vtr (coin, to decide) (moeda)lançar vt
  (moeda)jogar vt
 The two friends couldn't decide which film to watch, so they tossed a coin.
play games vtr + npl (do sports, activities) (fazer esportes)jogar vt
 The children spent the afternoon playing games.
throw together vtr phrasal sep (put in each other's company) (colocar na companhia de)amontoar vt
  jogar vt
 A lot of very different people were thrown together in the lifeboat.
toss [sth] around,
toss around [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
(object: throw about) (objetos: jogar)jogar vt
  lançar vt
  atirar vt
 The abusive husband was tossing his wife around as though she were a rag doll.
bung vtr UK, slang (put) (gíria: colocar)enfiar, jogar vt
splash [sth] vtr (water, liquid: displace)jogar vt
 The kids were splashing water at each other.
bet [sth] vtr (wager an amount)apostar vt
  arriscar vt
  jogar vt
 Rita bet ten dollars on a horse at the race track.
bowl [sth] vtr (achieve, score in bowling) (no boliche)jogar vt
 He bowled a perfect game.
Traduções complementares
play vi (gamble) (jogo, aposta)apostar v int
  jogar v int
  arriscar v int
 Minors are not allowed to play.
 Menores não têm permissão para apostar.
field vi (baseball, cricket: try to catch ball)jogar v int
 The home team is currently fielding.
game vi slang (gamble) (jogo de azar)jogar v int
 We go to Las Vegas once a year to game.
lay vi (bet) (arriscar dinheiro)apostar, jogar v int
 I'll lay you ten to one that he wasn't there at all.
throw vi (toss the dice)jogar, arremessar v int
 It is your turn to throw.
play [sth] vtr (direct light, water) (dirigir a luz, água)jogar vt
 He played the spotlight on the entranceway.
 Ele jogou a luz para a entrada.
drop vtr (from a plane) (desde o avião)jogar vt
 The aid organisation often drops supplies from planes into disaster areas.
lay vtr (bet) (arriscar dinheiro)apostar, jogar vt
  botar vt
 He laid fifty dollars on the horse.
roll [sth]
(make sway) (fazer balançar)balançar, jogar, agitar vt
 The waves rolled the boat back and forth.
roll vtr (throw: dice) (dados)jogar, lançar vt
 It's your turn to roll. Here are the dice.
shoot vtr (play marbles) (bola de gude)jogar vt
 The experienced player could shoot very well.
shoot vtr (throw dice) (dados)jogar, lançar vt
 It's your turn. Here's the dice. Now, shoot.
tip vtr UK (dump)jogar, derrubar vt
 She tipped the contents of her bag on the floor and looked for her keys.
skip vtr (make ricochet)jogar vt
 She skipped flat stones on the surface of the pond.
toss [sth] vtr figurative (speech: interject) (figurado)lançar vt
  (figurado)jogar vt
 The meeting was almost over, when Adam tossed an idea to increase productivity into the discussion.
bump [sth] vtr (throw bowling ball)jogar vt
dump [sth] vtr (drop, let fall)colocar vt
  largar, soltar vt
  (figurado)jogar vt
 Just dump those papers on my desk. Dump that topsoil over here.
gamble on [sth] vtr phrasal sep (bet or risk on)jogar, apostar vt
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Formas compostas:
cast [sth] aside vtr phrasal sep (throw away, discard)jogar fora loc vt
chuck out vtr phrasal sep informal (throw away)jogar fora loc vt
 I went through my things and chucked out anything I no longer needed.
dash [sth] against [sth],
dash [sth] into [sth]
vtr + prep
(throw [sth] against)atirar algo contra, atirar algo em loc verb
  (informal)jogar algo contra, jogar algo em loc verb
  (formal)lançar algo contra, lançar algo em loc verb
 Janet dashed the plate against the wall.
dispose of [sth] vi + prep (throw away)jogar fora, descartar vt
 After the funeral we have a whole houseful of stuff that we have to dispose of.
duck under [sth],
duck behind [sth]
vi + prep
(dive, hide)mergulhar v int
  jogar-se vp
 To avoid saying hello, he ducked under a desk.
dump [sth] vtr (discard: rubbish, trash)jogar fora loc verb
  (formal)descartar vt
 Angela dumped her old fridge when she got a new one.
face [sth] vtr (ice hockey: drop a puck)jogar o disco loc vt
 The referee faced the ball between the two opposing players.
fling yourself vtr + refl literal (throw yourself)jogar-se vp
  atirar-se vp
 Erin flung herself into the pool.
fling yourself at [sb] vtr + relf figurative (attempt to engage romantically) (figurado)jogar-se vp
  (figurado)atirar-se vp
 John flung himself at every girl he met.
go on a fishing expedition v expr figurative (search for evidence of unspecified crime)jogar verde para colher maduro loc
 In the US, police are not allowed to go on a fishing expedition in your house without a search warrant.
lead vtr (cards) (jogo de baralho)jogar a mão loc vt
 He led an ace of hearts.
lead vi (cards: play first) (jogo de baralho)jogar primeiro loc v int
 You lead this hand. Throw your card.
lead back vi (card game: play same suit as partner) (jogo de cartas)jogar o mesmo naipe loc vt
litter [sth],
litter [sth] with [sth]
(throw trash)jogar lixo em loc verb + prep
 People who litter the pavement really make me angry.
litter vi (throw trash)jogar lixo na rua loc verb
 Ben littered because he didn't see a trash can to throw his garbage into.
mace vtr (attack with Mace)jogar gás lacrimogêneo Mace loc vt
parachute vtr (drop by parachute)jogar de pára-quedas loc vt
play against vtr phrasal insep (have as an opponent) (ter como oponente)jogar contra loc vt
  enfrentar vt
 Every time I play against Tom, he beats me in every game.
play by the rules vi literal (sport: play fairly and legally) (esporte: jogar de forma justa e legal)jogar de acordo com as regras loc vint
  jogar limpo loc v int
  respeitar as regras vt
 The problem with John is he doesn't play by the rules.
play dirty v informal, figurative (use unfair or dishonest tactics) (informal, usar de táticas injustas ou desonestas)jogar sujo loc v int
  ser desonesto vt
 If he continues to play dirty, they will disqualify him from the match.
play fetch v informal (dog: retrieve a thrown ball) (cão: trazer uma bola arremessada)brincar de jogar loc vt
  brincar de jogar bolinha vt
 Try playing fetch with your dog every morning.
play for vtr phrasal insep (sport: represent, be on the side of) (esporte: representar, estar do lado de)jogar para loc vt
 David Beckham plays for his country.
play God v figurative (make life-and-death decisions) (fig, tomar decisões sobre vida e morte)fazer o papel de Deus loc v int
  jogar (jogo de videogame ou computador) no papel de Deus vt
 The anti-abortion people are against the idea of people playing God.
play off vtr phrasal sep (set against: [sth] else) (colocar uma pessoa contra outra)colocar contra loc vt
  (a favor de seus próprios interesses)jogar com loc vt
  jogar contra vt
 The capricious girl played off one suitor against the other.
push over vtr phrasal sep (shove to the ground) (empurrar ao chão)derrubar vt
  jogar ao chão loc v int
sand vtr (spread sand)jogar areia loc vt
 The landscaper sanded part of the garden.
sand vtr (add sand to)jogar areia loc vt
 They sanded the stage for the tap dancers.
sky vi (throw or hit high)rebater para o alto loc v int
  jogar para cima loc v int
 The ball skied high and was caught when it finally came down.
slam [sb] into [sth] vtr + prep (hit forcefully against [sth])bater alguém contra loc verb
  jogar alguém contra loc verb
 She slammed him into the door and knocked the breath out of him.
splash [sb/sth] vtr (water, liquid: get on [sb])jogar água em loc verb + prep
  molhar vt
 The car splashed the pedestrian as it went through the puddle.
throw away vtr phrasal sep literal (dispose of, discard) (dispor de, descartar)descartar vt
  jogar fora loc v int
  usar vt
 I had to throw away a lot of old books that nobody wanted.
throw back vtr phrasal sep literal (return by tossing) (devolver jogando)jogar de volta loc vt
  arremessar de volta loc vt
 Wally threw me the ball and I threw it back.
throw in the towel v figurative, informal (give up, admit defeat) (desistir, assumir a derrota)jogar a toalha loc v int
 David knew he'd lost the match, but he refused to throw in the towel.
throw on vtr phrasal sep informal, figurative (clothing: put on hastily) (roupa: colocar apressadamente)vestir-se rapidamente vp
  jogar uma roupa loc vt
throw [sb] to the wolves,
throw [sb] to the lions
figurative (force [sb] into a dangerous situation) (fig, forçar alguém numa situação perigosa)jogar aos leões loc v int
throw [sth] back in [sb]'s face vtr (charge with past misdeeds)jogar (algo) na cara loc v int
 I wish you wouldn't throw that incident back in my face every time we have a row!
toss [sth] out vtr phrasal sep informal, literal (discard, throw away)descartar vt
  jogar fora loc vt
toy with vtr phrasal insep (trifle with, treat frivolously) (tratar de maneira frívola)jogar com loc vt
  brincar com loc vt
 She toys with your feelings!
UK, informal (talk aimlessly) (informal)falar abobrinha loc v int
  jogar conversa fora loc v int
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