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jogo sm  (esporte)game, match nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
   (jogos de azar)bet, gamble nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
   (passatempo, divertimento)play nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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play n (gambling)jogo sm
  aposta sf
 He acquired a lot of debts at play.
play n (conduct of a game)jogo sm
 It's a tournament in which you'll see top class play.
set n (collection of items)  (coleção de itens)jogo sm
  conjunto sm
 Don't worry, I will get my set of tools and fix it.
 Não se preocupe, eu pegarei meu jogo de ferramentas e consertarei.
set n (tool for driving nails)  (ferramenta)jogo sm
 You should use a set to make the nails flush with the floor.
game n (organised play)jogo sm
  brincadeira sf
 We play various games after school.
 Fazemos vários jogos depois das aulas.
 Fazemos várias brincadeiras depois das aulas.
game n (sport)  (esporte)jogo sm
 Basketball is a fun game to play.
game n (session of sports play)jogo sm
  partida sf
 Shall we watch the tennis game later?
 Vamos assistir o jogo de tênis mais tarde?
 Vamos assistir a partida de tênis mais tarde?
game n (performance at a sport)  (performance)jogo sm
 His game was off for the entire month of May, though it improved in June.
game n (non-serious activity)  (brincadeira)jogo sm
 They were just games - nothing serious.
game n (scheme)  (esquema)jogo sm
 The mafia's game was to offer protection services to businesses for a fee.
game n (strategy)  (estratégia)jogo sm
 The coach made his game clear to the players.
match n esp. UK (sports game)  (jogo esportivo)partida sf
  jogo sm
 Are you going to the football match this Saturday?
 Vais à partida de futebol neste sábado?
 * Fanático inveterado, não perde um jogo do seu time preferido.
fiddling n (playing around with sthg)  (brincar com algo)jogo sm
  brincadeira sf
gaming n (activity: computer games)  (atividade: de computador)jogo sm
gaming n (gambling)jogo sm
  jogatina sf
gambling n (hobby)  (hobby)jogo sm
frame n (snooker)espécie de jogo de bilhar loc sf
 I would love to play a frame with him - he's a former snooker champion.
roll n (tipping movement of boat, plane, etc.)  (balanço de avião ou navio)balanço, jogo sm
 The roll to the side really scared the passengers.
checker n (draughts counter)jogo de damas loc sm
  xadrez sm
gaming adj (gambling)de jogo loc adj
hangman n (word-guessing game)  (jogo de adivinhação)jogo de forca loc sm
US: draft
UK (game: checkers)jogo de damas loc sf
draughts npl (board game: checkers)jogo de damas loc sm
endgame n (final part of a chess game)  (estágio final de um jogo de xadrez)final sf
  fim de jogo loc sm
endgame n (final stage of a process)  (estágio final de um processo)final sf
  fim do jogo loc sm
footwork n (sport: agile foot movements)  (esportes: movimentos com os pés)jogo de pés loc sm
ball game
(sport played with a ball)jogo de bola loc sm
ball game
US, informal (baseball match)jogo de beisebol loc sm
cribbage n (card game)jogo de cartas loc sm
  cribbage sm
peekaboo n (peepo: hiding game)  (jogo infantil)jogo de esconde loc sm
   (brincadeira com crianças)achou! interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
pregame adj (taking place before a sports match)  (antes da partida)pré-jogo adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
tiebreaker n (sport, game: play that determines a winner)  (esporte)jogo decisivo loc sm
trey n (playing card with three pips)jogo com dado de três faces loc sm
wordplay n (exchange of wit or punning)trocadilho sm
  jogo de palavras loc sm
ahead of the game adj (at an advantage)  (com vantagem)à frente do jogo loc adj
 Bruce was ahead of the game because he repaired the roof before the rains came.
ahead of the game adv (at an advantage)  (com vantagem)à frente do jogo loc adv
at stake adv (at risk, in the balance)em jogo, em risco loc adv
 She understood that her raise was at stake if she did not finish on time.
ball game n (sport: game played with a ball)  (esporte)jogo de bola loc sm
 We all stood up during the seventh inning stretch and sang "Take Me Out To The Ball Game".
ball game n colloquial, US (a situation)  (cenário)jogo de bola loc sm
 That puts matters in a different light. It's a brand new ball game now.
bring into play vtr (involve, use)pôr em jogo
dinette set n US (table and chairs for a breakfast nook)  (mesa e cadeiras)jogo de mesas para café
 My dinette set's starting to look rather shabby.
gamble away vtr (lose through gambling)perder no jogo loc vt
 His wife left him after he gambled away all of their savings at the track.
 He gambled away next month's rent money.
hash mark n (cross-hatched symbol)  (símbolo de número)cerquilha
   (informal)jogo-da-velha sm
 To abbreviate the word "number" in English, just use the hash mark.
numbers game n (gambling: illegal lottery)  (bolsa de apostas ilegal)jogo do bicho loc sm
numbers game n (game involving numbers)  (jogo que usa números)jogo de números loc sm
computer game n (interactive video game)jogo de computador loc sm
 He's busy playing his computer games again.
fair play n (sportsmanship, fairness)  (esportes)jogo limpo loc sm
 The concept of fair play is very important in the Olympics.
 Technically I win by default, but in the spirit of fair play I'll reschedule the match.
foul play n (unfair or dishonest act)jogo desonesto loc sm
 The senator died in a car crash but foul play is suspected.
bar games npl (table games played in a bar)jogo de mesa loc sm
baseball game n (baseball match)jogo de beisebol loc sm
 An average baseball game lasts about three hours.
come into play vi (become involved)  (ficar envolvido)entrar em jogo loc v int
bench vtr (sports)  (esporte)tirar do jogo loc vt
board game jogo de tabuleiro
game of chance jogo de azar
game of skill jogo de habilidade
game plan plano de jogo
losing game jogo perdido
turn of phrase jogo de palavras
  expressão idiomática
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