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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
jorrar gush, spout out, pour forth, outpour
  spring forth, eject, spurt; bulge out; cover with pitch
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Matching entries from other side of dictionary
rain vtr (fall as a liquid)jorrar vt
 The gusher rained oil.
rain vtr (send in great quantity)jorrar vt
  espalhar vt
 The bombers rained destruction.
pour vi (flow forth)verter v int
  jorrar v int
 After the dam broke, the water just poured.
gush vi (water, blood)  (de líquidos)jorrar v int
  esguichar v int
  golfar v int
  manar v int
run vi (flow strongly)  (fluir)correr, escorrer, jorrar v int
 The blood ran down his back.
well vi (emit tears)  (derramar lágrimas)brotar, jorrar v int
 She welled up when she thought about her father.
spring vi (come forth suddenly)jorrar, saltar v int
 Blood sprang from the open wound.
shower vtr figurative (projectiles)  (projétil)jorrar, cair vt
 Bullets showered down over the battalion.
belch vi (gush out)irromper, jorrar v int
belch vtr (expel in a gush)jorrar, expelir vt
spew vi (gush out)jorrar, esguichar v int
flow out vi phrasal (emerge in a stream)emanar, fluir v int
  jorrar, brotar v int
 People began flowing out of the building.
 I turned on the faucet and water flowed out.
flush vtr (pipes)jorrar, esguichar vt
jet vi (liquid: squirt)esguichar, jorrar vt
spout vi (flow in spout)  (fluir em jorro)jorrar, esguichar v int
spurt vi (liquid)  (líquido)jorrar, esguichar v int
squirt vi (liquid)  (líquido)esguichar, jorrar v int
squirt vtr (liquid)  (líquido)esguichar, jorrar vt
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