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juízo judgment, trial; wits, good sense, brains, reason
  prediction; mind, thought
  proposition of something believed or asserted
  capacity for judging
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commonsense adj (sensible, practical)  (sensato, prático)bom senso loc adj
  juízo adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
sense n (reason)  (razão)bom senso loc sm
  tino, juízo sm
 He had the sense to go home before it started raining.
recover vtr (law: obtain by judgment)  (jurídico)obter em juízo loc vt
 They filed a lawsuit to recover damages due to the boy's death.
judgment n (ability to judge)juízo, parecer, tino sm
judgment n (opinion, assessment)juízo, conceito sm
  opinião sf
doomsday n (end of the world)  (fim do mundo)dia do juízo loc sm
  juízo final loc sm
miscalculation n (error of judgement)  (erro de julgamento)juízo errôneo loc sm
bring before vtr (take: to court)levar a juízo loc vt
 The Senator was brought before the High Court on charges of racketeering.
Judgment Day,
UK: Judgement Day
US (Christianity: final judgement by God)  (cristianismo: julgamento final)dia do juízo final, dia do julgamento
 On Judgement Day God will divide the sinners from the righteous.
judgment day,
UK: judgement day
US (day when [sth] decisive will happen)dia do juízo final, dia do julgamento
cloud [sb]'s judgment,
UK: cloud [sb]'s judgement
(impair or prejudice [sb]'s reasoning)perturbar o juízo de loc vt
 Don't let your love for someone cloud your judgment.
day of reckoning dia do juízo
district court juízo de comarca
sound mind juízo perfeito
value judgment juízo de valor
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