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líder smleader nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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lead n (person holding a lead)  (pessoa na liderança)líder sm
 The lead is a Nigerian runner.
leader n (head person)  (diretor)líder sm
 The president of a company is its leader.
 O presidente da companhia é o líder.
leader n (guide)  (guia)líder sm
 The leader of the tour took them into the next room.
 O líder da excursão levou-os à próxima sala.
leader n (politician)  (político)líder sm
 The leader of the main opposition party criticised the government.
 O líder do principal partido de oposição criticou o governo.
leader n (music: conductor)  (música)líder, regente, maestro sm
   (de banda)líder sm
 The leader of the band told them when to start and stop playing.
major n (musical band)  (banda musical)líder sm
 The drum major was in charge of the rest of the drummers.
master n (leader)líder sm
  mestre sm
 Who is the master of this group?
leader n ([sb] who leads)líder sm
 John is the leader of the group, and they usually do what he suggests.
pacemaker n (sport: [sb] who sets pace)  (esporte)marchador sm
  líder sm
escort n (leader)líder sm
cheering n US, abbr (cheerleading)  (EUA, abrev.)líder de torcida loc sm
kingpin n figurative (central element)  (elemento central)líder, chefe sm
Messiah n figurative (saviour, leader)  (figurado)messias, salvador, líder sm
ringleader n (chief troublemaker)  (de motim ou confusão)líder, cabeça sm
  cabecilha sm
bandleader n (conductor of a musical band)líder de banda loc sf
  maestro da banda loc sm
bellwether n figurative (leader, trendsetter)guia, líder smf
band leader n (conductor of a band)líder da banda loc sm
born leader n ([sb] who is good at managing others)líder nato loc sm
 A born leader is so charismatic that she can influence people to work harder and longer willingly.
charismatic leader n (leader with powerful charm)líder carismático loc sm
 Alexander the Great was a charismatic leader: his troops would follow him almost anywhere.
leader of the opposition n (head of political party opposing the government)  (líder do maior partido político que não pertença ao governo)líder da oposição loc sm
 The leader of the opposition debated with the Prime Minister about the proposed change to the law.
crew leader n (head of a team)líder de equipe loc sm
esteemed leader n (respected person in charge)líder respeitado loc sm
 Kim Jong Il likes to be referred to as his country's esteemed leader.
chief n (head)líder, chefe sm
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